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Good Luck tomorrow


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Well guys it has been great chatting with you.

Wanted to stop by and wish you all luck.

Here is to a great game, no injuries and I hope a Colts victory.

You guys have a great board...:cheers:

Good post CCF, very classy, but think about it, a loss now would do you guys a lot of good. Remember all that 16-0 BS last year, after awhile that wears on a team. :)

You guys got too much power to wish you luck with it, but here's :cheers: to NO INJURY'S

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Appreciate the civility.

I hope our team displays none of that though. No helping anyone off the turf, no smiles and hugs pre or post-game. No group meetings and backsmacking after the game. No 'sportsmanship'.

I want a clean game where we physically dominate the Colts and lay a beatdown on them.

Good luck to you too.

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