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"Tag" now banned...

Spaceman Spiff

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Stop doing Tag.

Stop doing Dodge Ball.

Stop doing football.

Stop doing Basketball.

Stop doing running as someone will win.

Let the little fat ****s just sit there doing nothing wearing the white sole bottom shoes that don't scuff the floor while their not running.

And then wonder why their getting so fat so early.

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As usual, we pair off into our little groups and start throwing rocks at the 'other guy".

I don't understand how a reaction to an over-litigious society is partisan.

I bet liberal lawyers and conservative lawyers sue people with equal greed.

It's always someone else.. this sort of thing is a reaction to all of us. Everyone feels entitled to the point that they will consider lawsuits over a lot of insignificant things because of the lure of the big payout.

Don't deny it. You've thought about suing someone yourself over something that may have been stupid. (ESPECIALLY if a large company is involved.. twist your ankle at Wal Mart on some ice and what is your first thought? Tell the truth, now.)

Thankfully, I would consider most of us have probably had the morality and level headedness to not follow thru, but I'd bet a few of us have been involved in something that could be considered frivoulous. (There's 50,000 members on this site,, bound to be a few)

the lure of the money is too much for people to resist.

The lure of the power of using a lawyer to extort "justice" is also very great.

It certainly doesn't help that we're so over-run with lawyers that there are a great many of them who will take such cases and see them thru to the big money payday.

So, please, don't sit back and blame democrats or republicans for this nonsense. Blame ourselves, because it is we the people who clog up the courts with these idiotic lawsuits that have now made it impossible for a child to grow up normally.

Hell, may as well, we've already litigated so many obstetricians out of practice, may as well litigate everything in a child's life right out of existence too.

Billy, welcome to the world. Here is your cubicle. Do not leave your cubicle, or the world will GET YOU.

Your cubicle is grey. Do not paint your cubicle because some colors will make you FEEL BAD.

and if you FEEL BAD, then the world will GET YOU.

Do not attempt to communicate with others outside of your cubicle, because they CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

If you communicate to anyone who CANNOT BE TRUSTED then the world will GET YOU.

Do not touch anyone, not even yourself, or the world will REALLY, REALLY GET YOU.

Do not laugh, because the cause of your laughter may OFFEND SOMEONE.

If you OFFEND SOMEONE. the world will GET YOU.

Do not learn, because reading books that everyone does not agree with is a sure fire way for the world to GET YOU.

Have a nice life.


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This is all about litigious parents and schools wanting to avoid liability in case a kids gets hurt. It has nothing to do with the politics of the left or right.

I do a lot of youth sports coaching and we have to spend way too much money on liability insurance, so that if a kid gets hurt while we (who are not getting paid) are coaching them, we don't run the risk of serious personal financial liability if we are taken to court by the child's parents.

The real irony, is that when we loose a kid from a team to a season-ending injury, it's usually that they fell off their bike/skateboard, or out of a tree. :doh:

I wonder if the parents have tried suing themselves for negligence. I guess they would if they had a policy that paid out.

Our local public schools in Loudoun are not worried about kids coming second, or last. But they are becoming increasingly afraid of having them participate in school-run activities that an administrator thinks exposes them to too much legal risk. For example, they have dropped dodgeball in middle school, but they play basketball and also administer the Presidential Fitness test that requires all kids to do a range of fitness activties where they are measured against a standard. The best at the mile run get to race with the whole school as their audience.

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