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NYT: Museum Field Trip Deemed Too Revealing (nude art made some people upset)


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But aren't you giving the school permission to teach ANYTHING THEY deem appropriate by sending your kids there every day?

So what's your point? That parents should have a right to complain about what their kids are exposed to in public schools?

But aren't you the one complaining about how two parents suing the school because teacher lead prayers.

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Is taking a shower a sexual act? I don't mean making it sensual. I'm talking about a locker room of girls taking showers after a sporting event. Do the girls in the shower feel sexually aroused? When I showered in the locker room after baseball games I didn't. So what's wrong with showing that scene to children? Would it create moral problems?

To answer your question, no naked native had no affect on me. But I wouldn't show that to my children.

Well for one society has deemed shower scenes to be sexual. There is a long history of movies, pranks, and stories of drilled peep holes in locker room walls to view girls taking showers. I couldn't argue with a straight face, that the sight of soaped up naked women is non-sexual. To me it's entirely sexual, but perhaps I've had one too many enjoyable encounters in the shower to seperate the two any longer. Clearly showering is not a sexual event, viewing someone else showering for whatever reason clearly is a sexual situation.

It seems clear that we aren't going to find a middle ground here. You don't see the dividing line between sexuality and nudity. I do. I don't think you can finger religion for your thinking however, that's a personal view of yours. As has been stated nude images in the form of artwork are found in some very old churches.

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But aren't you giving the school permission to teach ANYTHING THEY deem appropriate by sending your kids there every day?
I just want to point out that when you say "they" you mean "us." We pay the taxes that pay for the schools, and we elect the school board that sets the standards. We sign the permission slips for field trips. Apparently, when we complain, teachers get fired.

We are giving the school permission to teach anything WE deem appropriate when we send our kids there every day. That's the definition of PUBLIC education.

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Because fallen mankind abuses that which God meant for good. (Now, I'm sure you'll have 15 out of context verses to bolster your reply, but it won't work.)

Is this your conclusion of do you back it up by scripture? They are not out of context, you just cannot accept what the Bible says.

Answer this: do you think it's ok to expose 5th graders to pornography? If not, why?

Art is not pornography. Do you think it is ok for 5th graders to read erotic stories ?

Are you offended by the naked human form? Are you offended by human sexuality, which is a natural part of human existence?


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There is a difference between nudity and sexuality.

Hustler and a statue of Adam or Eve are different.

Now, if you are talking about seeing an actual photograph of someone nude, then yes, that probably wouldn't be appropriate, but paintings and statues that don't show sexual scenes, I don't know what the problem is.

The parents signed a permission slip. If they didn't know what was in a museum, then they are responsible for signing off on the trip. The parents are responsible. Peroid.

If the teacher sent home permission slips to go to the museum, but instead took them to a peep show, then yes, she should be fired. But I can tell you first hand, because I work in a school system and deal with all of the field trips, the locations in our district are approved at the school level and at the school board level. There's no way a teacher would be fired here, for taking kids on an approved field trip. The multiple levels of approval guarantee that.

And I can say first hand that the students in our district are exposed to nude statues all the time. One of the museums that is a standard field trip location, has them and we have at least 3 trips per week going to that location. We haven't ever had a situation like this occur.

I'll go a step further. When I was in the 8th grade, we saw the movie "Romeo and Juliet", it had nudity in it, (they showed Juliet's boobs), the teacher sent permission slips home that even said the movie contained nudity. Not one student in my class didn't see it.

They still show that movie in the system.

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You're right. I directed THREE of them to you. :D

Sorry missed that - i'll have to get back to you. Very busy.

edit - actually, I believe I already answered your question. And, no I don't have kids.

The first part about my kids is your opinion which has no relevance on how I raise my kids. The second part I clarified, but that somehow isn't acceptable to you. That's fine.

I didn't think it was very good clarification. Guess we have to agree to disagree.

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Well for one society has deemed shower scenes to be sexual.


Society and culture deems what is sexy. Look at the Amazonian Indians, they run around naked, so I do not think nudity has any special effect on them as it does on western culture. We created sexuality when we covered up certain parts of our body

my 2 cents

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