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Your All time Redskin Game History (W-L)

Guest NebraSKIN

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Guest NebraSKIN

Many of you are fortunate enough to attend many Redskins games So, what is your Redskins W-L record?

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I saw the Redskins play the Cardinals two times, first in 1992 the Sunday after Thanksgiving that year, they won 41-3, then the second week of 1993, coming off a 35-16 win over the Cowboys on Monday night, they lost 17-10 after Mark Rypen broke his leg and they fell behind 17-0 at halftime

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My attendance record is pretty good. The Redskins are 3-1 in games I've attended, and EVERY game I have attended has been AWESOME!

My first game was the overtime win against the Oilers in 1991. I was young, but still remember it pretty well. 9-0! Wahoo! Of course we went on to win the Super Bowl that year, and I am glad I can say I saw a game that season. Sadly, that was my only time at RFK.

The only game during the Norv Schottenspurrier years that I saw first-hand was against the Seahawks in 2003. It was one of the better games of the Spurrier era. We rallied from a huge halftime defecit, I can't remember if we were down 14-0 or 21-0 at the end of the first half, but it had been ugly. By some miracle, it ended up being the tale of two halves, and we won the thing by a narrow margin. The big play was a WR pass from Rod Gardner to Trung Candidate to take the lead late in the game, and I had seats in the endzone where it happened, so that was cool. (For you trivia buffs: Shawn Springs, then a Seahawk, intercepted a Patrick Ramsey pass in this game, only to be run down my LC, fumbling the ball at the goalline to return possession to the Redskins).

The next game I saw was the Sunday Night game against Philly in 2004. Though we lost the game late, it was a hard fought contest against the eventual NFC Champion Eagles. This was the game where TO had only 4 catches and a fumble. We were driving late in the game down only 17-14, and we got in range for the tieing FG with only minutes left. Sadly, Ramsey forced the ball deep to a double covered Chris Cooley, giving Dawkins the easy INT. Interestingly, though perhaps a bit unsurprising, Ramsey threw INTs the first two times I saw him play.

My most recent game was against the Giants last season on Christmas Eve. I already had the tickets when they dismantled us 36-0 in New York, so you can imagine my horror! We got our redemption in the rematch though, and I was there! We knocked off the division leading Giants for our fourth of five wins in a row to make the playoffs! Ramsey even earned some redemption in my eyes that day by filling in pretty well for an injured Brunell.

All in all, you could say I have good luck when attending games. 3-1 with the only loss coming in a hard fought contest against the conference champs.

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Guest NebraSKIN

Ever though about purchasing Season Tix - you must be a good luck charm.

Im 4-0 they all came in 06' too....Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, and New York.
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Moved away too soon... I never saw them lose a game, though. 5-0 between RFK and FedEx!

My dad's record is unbelievable. I can't even count how many games he went to at RFK, and he saw them lose at RFK maybe three times, tops. He was at the NFC Championship against Dallas, the Seat Cushion Game, etc. He just had the magic touch. He doesn't go to games much anymore though, mainly because of the gameday atmosphere and the cost. Can't say I blame him, frankly.

My fiancee has the magic sports touch too, but for the Red Sox. She's been to probably 35 Red Sox home games (don't know how many away games) in a little over 5 years and she has never seen them lose once. ...Including Game 4 of the ALCS. The odds against this are staggering.

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This got me to thinking so I went back and looked at all my games I've attended. Living in Arizona I have atended 19 regular season games in all...

6 wins 8 losses in Arizona...I only missed the 91' game

1 win 1 loss at LA Rams

0 wins 1 loss at LA Raiders

1 win vs Seattle in 03

1 win vs Jets in 03

Lifetime, I am 7-10 going to Redskin road games, 2-0 going to home games...anybody want to fly me in for the opener? lol

As you all know, there have been some PAINFUL ARSE games in the desert...

92' Loss 24-27...Lohmiller misses a 45 yarder as time expried after we had a 17-0 half time lead.

94' Loss 15-17

95' Loss 20-24

96' Loss 26-27 knocked us out of the playoffs after a 7-1 start.

98' Loss 27-29

00' Loss 15-16

I was there for everyh excrutiating moment of these losses:(

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San Francisco 49ers 10/23/2005 Win 52 - 17 FedEx Field

Philadelphia Eagles 11/6/2005 Win 17 - 10 FedEx Field

Dallas Cowboys 9/27/2004 Loss 18 - 21 FedEx Field

New York Giants 12/5/2004 Win 31 - 7 FedEx Field

Seattle Seahawks 11/9/2003 Win 27 - 20 FedEx Field

New England Patriots 9/28/2003 Win 20 - 17 FedEx Field

Houston Texans 12/22/2002 Win 26 - 10 FedEx Field

Arizona Cardinals 1/6/2002 Win 20 - 17 FedEx Field

Seattle Seahawks 11/4/2001 Win 27 - 14 FedEx Field

Carolina Panthers 10/21/2001 Win 17 - 14(OT) FedEx Field

Arizona Cardinals 12/24/2000 Win 20 - 3 FedEx Field

Carolina Panthers 9/3/2000 Win 20 - 17 FedEx Field

Baltimore Ravens 10/15/2000 Win 10 - 3 FedEx Field

Chicago Bears 10/31/1999 Win 48 - 22 Redskins Stadium

New York Giants 11/21/1999 Win 23 - 13 FedEx Field

Philadelphia Eagles 11/28/1999 Win 20 - 17(OT) FedEx Field

Preseason Baltimore Ravens 8/23/2003 Win 24 - 3 FedEx Field

i got 17 games that i kno i went to

my dad is a doctor and he got tickets from drug reps. trying to get him to prescribe his medicine.

But in 2002 they made it illegal to do so and began gettin our own tickets

i've been to like 2 more preseason i think but redskinsdb.com did not have preseason from 1999-2002

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1998 @ Seattle 24-14 L

2000 Vs. Carolina 20-17 W

2000 @ Arizona 16-15 L

2001 Vs. New York Giants 35-21 W

2002 @ Seattle 14-3 W

2003 @ Chicago 27-24 L

2004 Vs. Baltimore 17-10 L

2005 @ Arizona 17-13 W

2005 @ Seattle 20-10 L

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Since I spend well over $1,000 to fly out from Phoenix (game ticket, air fare, rental car, hotel) I actually prefer to book games against lesser competition. I may go to the Vikings and Titans game this year.

If the Redskins host a playoff game or two, I will definately be there for them! I will pay what I have to to get into the stadium.

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