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Your All time Redskin Game History (W-L)

Guest NebraSKIN

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Guest gayformoss

my family has had season tix since the 40s

(my great-grandfather got them and my 81 year old grandmother still goes to most of the games!)

and I have gone to at least 1 game every year

in 91' I was fortunate enough to attend every home game including the playoffs that year (we only lost 1 home game that year to dallas)

went to the seahawks, eagles, and cowboys games this past year

(i have to say that the dallas game is the 3rd best day of my life! right behind my wedding day and the birth of my son)

btw my 2 1/2 year old son knows all the words to Hail to the Redskins!

i have no idea what my record is overall as I have been to at least 30+ games.

sec 121 row 28 right on the 50 on the vistors side

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Before Dec. 2005: 1-10

Now: 3-10 (Dallas and NYG wins-- I at least know I am not cursed!!)

I've seen some really bad losses against bad teams-- Tony Banks, Amp Lee and the Rams in the late 90s, Raiders last year, Giants in 2004 (OT), 2004 Cowboys (21-18 MNF). Seen them KILLED by the Bills (34-17 or something... the year we only lost two home games), Keyshawn's Buccaneers (35-14 or something), hell I've seen 'em lose to Bubby Brister by over 3 TDs (Broncos)!. I even tried to go outside FedEx Field... result? Loss to the lowly, lowly Browns 17-10 in 2004.

I've also seen 'em lose to the '94 or '95 49ers (Super Bowl team) and the 2001 Eagles (20-6).

I was 0-5 before I finally saw them beat the washed up Rams on a killer LaVar sack at the end of the game. Then were the Giants, Bucs, Cowboys, Browns and Raiders fiascos to put me at a miserable 1-10.

For this reason, I felt sincerely guilty about attending the Christmas Eve game versus the Cowboys. For one, we hadn't beat the Cowboys at home or twice in a season in a REAL long while. For second, I was there. But, by some miracle, I found out I was not a FedEx curse as we made a clean win of it. Then I went next week to the Giants game, and what do ya know...? :) :)

Thing is, I almost always go to the games with my Dad, but I went with friends (free tix) to the last two games. My Dad is probably twice as bad as I am... he's been going to games since the 1980s and has only seen them win TWICE. He is seriously about 2-20, "The Curse."

Glimmering hope: He DID see Heath Shuler beat the Cowboys. But when you see them lose to the 1994 Buccaneers, the Jets by a score of 3-0, and seen Super Bowl Skins teams lose at home, there's still a problem.

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San Francisco 49ers 10/23/2005 Win 52 - 17 FedEx Field

Philadelphia Eagles 11/6/2005 Win 17 - 10 FedEx Field

Dallas Cowboys 9/27/2004 Loss 18 - 21 FedEx Field

New York Giants 12/5/2004 Win 31 - 7 FedEx Field

Seattle Seahawks 11/9/2003 Win 27 - 20 FedEx Field

New England Patriots 9/28/2003 Win 20 - 17 FedEx Field

Houston Texans 12/22/2002 Win 26 - 10 FedEx Field

Arizona Cardinals 1/6/2002 Win 20 - 17 FedEx Field

Seattle Seahawks 11/4/2001 Win 27 - 14 FedEx Field

Carolina Panthers 10/21/2001 Win 17 - 14(OT) FedEx Field

Arizona Cardinals 12/24/2000 Win 20 - 3 FedEx Field

Carolina Panthers 9/3/2000 Win 20 - 17 FedEx Field

Baltimore Ravens 10/15/2000 Win 10 - 3 FedEx Field

Chicago Bears 10/31/1999 Win 48 - 22 Redskins Stadium

New York Giants 11/21/1999 Win 23 - 13 FedEx Field

Philadelphia Eagles 11/28/1999 Win 20 - 17(OT) FedEx Field

Preseason Baltimore Ravens 8/23/2003 Win 24 - 3 FedEx Field

i got 17 games that i kno i went to

my dad is a doctor and he got tickets from drug reps. trying to get him to prescribe his medicine.

But in 2002 they made it illegal to do so and began gettin our own tickets

i've been to like 2 more preseason i think but redskinsdb.com did not have preseason from 1999-2002

Maybe you're blacking out the losses, and don't remember them?

Seriously, if this is accurate, the Redskins should just provide you with complimentary tickets. Hell, I'm tempted to buy them for you myself...

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I have been 6 games, home and away.

2002-Redskins at Panthers-W, Preseason

2003-Seahawks at Redskins-W, 27-20

2004-Falcons at Redskins-W, 27-0, Preseason

2004-Cowboys at Redskins-L, 18-21, MNF.... :doh:

2005-49ers at Redskins-W, 52-17.... :cheers:

2005- Redskins at Bucs- L, 35-36....Alstott was never in... :mad:

Overall, not bad at 4-2. Could have easily been 6-0. Hopefully this year, I will improve to 6-2.... :cheers:

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Guest NebraSKIN

KEEP GOING! Especially this year.


dead serious dude

i swear to joe gibbs that we have only one game in the 20+ games

im workin on gettin them together

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Watching Pre-Season games im 1-2, 1 win vs. Pittsburgh when Spurrier put in all of the starters vs. the Pittsburgh 3rd stringers so make a comeback for no reason, and a loss to the Falcons and Dolphins in the pre season...the Dolphins preseason game was actually the first I went to at FedEx...Dan Marino was there in his last year.

Regular Season I have seen:

2 MNF losses to Dallas.

1 SNF loss to the Eagles

1 MNF Win vs the Eagles

1 Reg. Win vs. the Patriots

1 Red. Win vs. the Seahawks

so im 3-3 overall. I have yet to see them beat the Cowboys at home. I am getting tickets this year.

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I am like 88-57 (give or take a few games) at RFK and FedEx Field.

That is regular season, 2 playoff games ('86 and '91) and 2 NFC Championships ('87 and '91).

Can't remember how many pre season games but somewhere around 20.

I am also 2-2 for away games.

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Been to too many games since 1997 to think back on all of them now.....I guess I have now seen the Redskins in person between 20-30 times at RFK, FedEX, and Tampa & Miami when I used to live in Florida, but, there is only one that matters.......

I'm 1-0 seeing them play in the Super Bowl!!!!! That being a certain 27-17 victory over the Dolphins back in 1983!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D

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This got me to thinking so I went back and looked at all my games I've attended. Living in Arizona I have atended 19 regular season games in all...

6 wins 8 losses in Arizona...I only missed the 91' game

1 win 1 loss at LA Rams

0 wins 1 loss at LA Raiders

1 win vs Seattle in 03

1 win vs Jets in 03

Lifetime, I am 7-10 going to Redskin road games, 2-0 going to home games...anybody want to fly me in for the opener? lol

As you all know, there have been some PAINFUL ARSE games in the desert...

92' Loss 24-27...Lohmiller misses a 45 yarder as time expried after we had a 17-0 half time lead.

94' Loss 15-17

95' Loss 20-24

96' Loss 26-27 knocked us out of the playoffs after a 7-1 start.

98' Loss 27-29

00' Loss 15-16

I was there for everyh excrutiating moment of these losses:(

How did we lose to the Cardinals all those times. I must've been drunk or delusional. In the 70's and 80's we owned them.

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Win vs. Dallas in NFC Champ game at RFK in the snow :)

Win vs Houston OT in '91

Win vs Giants RFK

Loss vs Dallas Fed Ex Norv 35-10 ouch

Win vs Baltimore S Davis grinds out 3 or 4 1st downs on final possesion to ice the game..

Win Tampa - Dieon return punt to easy FG range in OT

5-1. Let's see all the diehards with double digit (or more) games though..

It wasn't snowing during that game. my parents were there. But it was very cold. (82-83 NFC champ game vs. dallass)

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After a 3-12 start:( , I'm now 10-14 overall.;)

Worst game Dallas 27 Washington 0

33 Degrees and pouring rain.:doh:

Best game 11/6/06 vs Philadelphia :cheers:

The loudest I've ever heard Fed Ex was Ryan Clark's INT at the end of the game.:eaglesuck

Sorry for all the emoticons.

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I am 3-5 during the regular season and 3-1 during the preseason. This is in a span of 24 yrs, so I can't remember most of the years or scores.

Philly 82' RFK W 23-7

StL Cards 84' RFK W 31-10 (MNF)

Dallas 85' RFK L 17-31 (I think)

SF 85' RFK L 8-35 (we had a safety and 2 FGS against Montana)

Indy 85' RFK W 34-10 (I think)

Ariz 93' RFK L 24-30 OT (the holding call on the Game winning FG on our end)

Balt 97' Fed Ex L 10-17

@ Miami 03' Pro Player L 23-24 (Sun Night- Imfamous game where Miami unvailed their Pumpkin Uniforms)


Atl 86'(I think)RFK W 27-7 (I think)

NYJ 93' RFK W 27-17

Cinn 93 RFK L 10-24

@ Miami 04' Pre Player W 17-0 (Gibbs 1st season back)

I barely remember the years and can only remember a handful of scores. All the info may not be correct and I realize that, but I'm at work and cannot research right now.

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2005: Benglas game, Brunell was finally pulled in favor of Ramsey. We sat in front of Rudi Johnson's obnoxious family and friends. Skins lost and it wasn't close.

2005: Giants game. Pretty much ran it up on them.

2006: Bears game. Ramsey got destroyed and Brunell went in, the rest is history. MAN was it LOUD. I was in the top row banging on the FedEx sign.

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2-0 regular season, 0-1 preseason (but who cares.)

Saw the Steve Spurrier-led (:doh:) squad become the last team to defeat the New England Patriots in 2003.

Was fortunate enough to attend the Dallas Cowboys massacre from last season. (Good times.)

My preseason game was pretty cool though. 1991 in Columbia, S.C., saw them lose to the Jets late in the game. Memorable b/c the Skins lost every single preseason game, then went on to win the Super Bowl. I haven't cared about the preseason results since.

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I've only been to one losing game and that was against the Eagles in 2003 when the game really didnt matter for the Skins anyway. Infact I believe that landed them the #5 pick overall to get Sean Taylor so kinda glad they lost.

Games they won I attened thatI can remember...

-Lions (NFC Championship game)

-Patriots (Spurrier era)

-Giants and Cowboys last season

-2 Steelers preseason games

-Vikings in 2004

I know there were a few more but I cant remember them. Bottom line, they win when I am there so get me some tickets!! Haha, or just convince my father to take me to more games.

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