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Iraqi's had enough of our security services


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Iraq's U.S. backed Shi'ite government has informed the U.S. it will be taking care of its own security. It apparently blames the U.S. for unnecessary Iraqi . One wonders how long it will take for them to tell us to get packing.


Also in the news. Antonio Scalia has been caught giving the finger in church. Once thought of as the Supreme Court's resident intellectual Scalia is becoming something of a disgrace; he has lately called "crazy" those who think detainees of the U.S. have any rights at all under international and U.S. law.

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You have twisted the text of the original article, you've posted a subject line that is misleading, and you've added a bizarre anecdote at the end (plus editorializing) with no corroboration. Seriously, you have to do better than this.

I wouldn't hold my breath.

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