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government brawl in india


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All members of Congress must breathe a sigh of relief... for if I were a member... I'd be beating members about the head, neck, and shoulders for their TREASONOUS actions against this country. And let's not make this a partisan thread.... I could easily seek out members of both parties who's actions can be seen as doing more to HURT America and it's citizens than helping.

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How strange. If true this is highly embarrassing, but I cannot find confirmation that this happened in the Lok Sabha (the main Indian parliamentary house) in any news article. Does anyone have a source?

According to a post underneath the video it happened in the Legislature of one of the States in the country and not at the Parliament in Delhi.

I remeber a brawl in Japans Parliment over sending troops to Iraq, that was a much more sweeter brawl with aerila acrobatics involved.

Lets not foreget the Ukranian Parliment Brawl over entrance into the World Trade Organization a while ago

Least we forget the Attack on Charles Sumner for my history pimps


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