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2007 Super Bowl Odds


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This along with all the reports from ESPN this offseason , make me sick. How in the Hell is Dallas have two times as much of a chance to win the Super Bowl than us. I cant take this S*%T anymore. Have people forgotten what T.O. did to the Eagles last year. Have they forgotten that Dallas didnt even make the playoffs last year. Have they forgotten that we were one reciever and one good pass rusher away from the Super Bowl last year. Have they forgotten we have addressed those issues with solid pickups. Have they forgotten we still have Gibbs and G. Williams and now have AL freakin Saunders and his top 5 offensive system. :doh: . Im about to boycott any football related material until the season. :mad: EVEN PHILLY HAS BETTER ODDS :doh: !!!!!!


NFL2007 Super Bowl

Event Date: Feb. 4, 2007/ Last updated Mar. 17, 2006


Indianapolis Colts 3/1

Seattle Seahawks 6/1

New England Patriots 7/1

Carolina Panthers 8/1

Pittsburgh Steelers 9/1

Dallas Cowboys 10/1

San Diego Chargers12/1

Denver Broncos 10/1

New York Giants 15/1

Chicago Bears10/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17/1

Cincinnati Bengals 20/1

Washington Redskins 20/1

Jacksonville Jaguars30/1

Kansas City Chiefs 25/1

Atlanta Falcons25/1

Philadelphia Eagles 18/1

Miami Dolphins 25/1

Minnesota Vikings 25/1

Green Bay Packers 35/1

Baltimore Ravens 40/1

Cleveland Browns 50/1

St. Louis Rams50/1

Buffalo Bills 60/1

Oakland Raiders 45/1

Arizona Cardinals 70/1

Detroit Lionss 60/1

Houston Texans 80/1

New Orleans Saints 80/1

San Francisco 49ers 100/1

Tennessee Titans 125/1

New York Jets 100/1

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For all the reasons people think Dallas will be great, those same exact reasons are used to say the Redskins suck. QB- their's is great and playing as good as ever, our's is old and losing "it" WR_ They add one guy in his thirties, and now they are great. We add two young and promising guys, and we can't get it done, the list of BS goes on and on. Oh well, I'd rather be under the radar, just like last season. That way when we win, and the teams everyone thought would, don't, we get to be there to rub it in their stupid faces. Just like now, how we can laugh at cowgirl fans b/c we swept them in the two best ways possible (come from behind win at very end 1st time, utter destruction 2nd time) and we made the playoffs while they lost to the lowly Rams to end their season. Hail to the Redskins. C'mon, sing along, you know the words...

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I'd like to see our chances of winning the SB last season.

We were three wins away..

Here's my point, do not listen to these stupid predictions. If I'm not mistaken we didn't finish 4-12 like we were supposed to. We won 11 games and made it to the divisional round of the playoffs.

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whatever, that's just more money that we'll win after we bet on the skins to win it all. 20/1 odds on a sure thing is pretty awesome

Exactly. That just makes you able to win more money for what you put down. If the odds were 2/1 then you wouldnt get much for your 100 bucks. I would prefer them at 100/1. That would be a good amount back for just 100 bucks.

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How can I put this lightly....WHO CARES?! All I keep hearing is the media hates us, omg the world's gonna end because our odds of winning the Super Bowl are 1/2 that of the Cowboys, WOOPTY DOO! All the more sweet when we whoop their *****es. I'm sure nobody pegged the Steelers to win the way they did, but they pulled it out anyways. The team and this fan base THRIVE on being the underdogs. Get used to it.

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Just got back from Vegas, doing a little March Madness, and I picked up the Skins at 18/1 odds to win the SuperBowl and 9/1 to win the NFC.

Odds that matter:


Colts are the 4/1 favorite

Skins 18/1

Phillly 15/1

Giants 15/1

CowPukes 8/1


Seahags are a 3/1 favorite

Skins 9/1

Phillly 10/1

Giants 7/1

CowPukes 4/1

Note: These odds were posted before the T.O. signing.

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