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So I met a woman the other day who is extremely active in the Baltimore community. One of the programs she is apart of is a program that rewards young teens for having activie roles in volunteerism. Last year, this group of teens was rewarded by free admission to a Raven's game (yea...real reward there). This game just so happened to be the Packers-Ravens game. At the end of the game, all the teens were given footballs and they were allowed to have BOTH the Raven's and Packer's quarterbacks sign their balls. Now we all know who the Packer's QB is and we all know these kids should have gotten down on their knees and thanked the heavens at the sound of this opportunity. ...But what do ALL the girls in the group do instead of have the QBs sign the ball? They have Mike, a 24 year old bank teller who volunteered to be a chaperon for the group, sign the ball. The girls had been giddy over this man the entire night and had barely paid any mind to the game. This is what the youth of America has become.

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