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Merril Hoge can rot


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Merril Hoge

His ESPN breakdown

Can the Redskins put up the same numbers against the Eagles' defense?

I expect the Eagles to pose a much more difficult challenge because they have the ability to disrupt the passing game. The Redskins will need to avoid long-yardage situations. If not, it will be "Welcome to the NFL, Steve Spurrier." The big question about Spurrier going into the opener was whether or not he would manage the game correctly, and I think he did. He catered to the strength of his offense -- running back Stephen Davis -- and was able to create what he wanted offensively. It wasn't the same game plan he had in college. He ran on three of the first four plays and attacked the weakness of the Cardinals, their front seven.

Shane Matthews may not scare anybody, but I would be concerned about him. I played with him in Chicago, and he walks with a ****iness now. He knows exactly what to do with the ball. He has always yearned to play for Spurrier again. He couldn't be happier or more comfortable. That combination breeds success.

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Not a bad analysis considering how he shredded Spurrier before week 1. It will be fun to see him eat his words as the season goes on.

Hoge is still caught up in this myth that Spurrier passed all the time in college and ignored the running game. If he did his homework he would know Spurrier's running game averaged about 150 yards a game. Spurrier attacks a defenses' weakness, and if that means running, that's what he'll do.

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hodge obviously doesn't know sh!t about spurrier's system since he said that attacking a defense's weakness wasn't his "gator" gameplan. that is exactly what he has done for the past couple of years (if not longer). i do admit that i was suprised at the shane matthews comments at the end. he may have saved himself from the inferno for a short time. enjoy purgatory while you're there merrill.

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Originally posted by BallCoachSpurrier

Hoge has clearly started to back track from his previous "Spurrier will find out the pros aint Vanderbilt" talk. I expect that after next weeks shelacking of the Eagles he will be in full retreat mode, as will the majority of the media.

I doubt it. He'll just put up another hurdle in his mind.

If Philly doesn't stop it, he'll say wait till SOS faces a healthy team or wait till the league starts gathering tape on him. Maybe, let's see how it does in adverse weather conditions.

Or, maybe Hoge has already convinced himself he is right, since Spurrier "ran Davis a lot."

Hoge has staked out the position that Spurrier will not succeed unless he comes around to the right way of thinking. Whatever mental gymnastics are required, Hoge will do them in order to convince himself that he was right.

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Eagles are a "truer test"? Oh really. I would beg to differ that the Cardinals moreso reflect the standard NFL team then do the scheming, blitzing, Super Bowl predicted Eagles.

And if we win on Monday, then the 49ers will be the "truer test", right?


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Ron Jaworski beat Hoge like a red headed step child last weekend. They were practically screaming at each other. Jaworski turns to Suzi and says "I need to have an intelligent conversation about the quarterback position with you."

Jaws slapped him silly on Vinnie Testaverde being a great QB when healthy. He later blasted him on Spurrier and the Redskins. Hoge is a bitter fool. Jaworski is one of the most brilliant football analysts in the world if not the best.


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Originally posted by Reagan

What kind of a name is Merrill anyway? Awww did mommie want a girl?

In the Amish country, they gave their gay castoff sons the name Merrill. One went on to become a Pittsburgh Steeler who suffered many concussions while they played "smear the queer" in practice.

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Hoge is an idiot and knows nothing of a Spurrier offense. Fact is, Spurrier's offense succeeds by running the ball. His teams only lost 2 or 3 games when rushing for more than 100 yards.

Back in 1996 when the Gators had their best team of recent years, the Gators had 2040 yards rushing (442 rushes, 4.6 avg) and 4007 yards passing (412 att, 9.7 per att). That comes out to 170 yards rushing and 334 yards passing per game. Pretty similar to what he did last week.

The story with Hoge will always be "next week" and how Spurrier will get shut down. The Redskins could go 15-1 and Hoge would shout "I told you so" after they lose the last game while all the starters sat out in preparations for the playoffs. :rolleyes:

As for the game on Monday night -- the Redskins will win or lose depending on how the offensive line plays. If they open up holes for the running game and keep Matthews off his butt, the Skins will win. If not, look for the visor on the ground.

Some stats on Spurrier's offense:

Year Plays Rushes (%) Passes (%)

1990 855 440 (51.5%) 415 (48.5%)

1991 787 397 (50.5%) 390 (49.5%)

1992 926 423 (45.9%) 503 (54.1%)

1993 888 400 (45.0%) 488 (55.0%)

1994 851 416 (48.9%) 435 (51.1%)

1995 867 410 (47.3%) 457 (52.7%)

1996 854 442 (51.8%) 412 (48.2%)

1997 837 424 (50.7%) 413 (49.3%)

1998 754 337 (44.7%) 417 (55.3%)

1999 823 385 (46.8%) 438 (53.2%)

2000 827 361 (43.7%) 466 (56.3%)

Total 9269 4434 (47.8%) 4835 (52.2%)

More info and stats at: http://gatorzone.com/stevespurrier/?page=story∂=offense

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