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Abraham Visits Redskins Park

By Gary Fitzgerald


March 13, 2006

Versatile linebacker/defensive end John Abraham visited Redskins Park on Monday, according to head coach Joe Gibbs.

Abraham, who was with the New York Jets the last six years, is an unrestricted free agent this offseason, but the Jets have anointed him as their franchise player. That means teams can negotiate with Abraham, but the Jets can match the offer and retain him, or receive a pair of first-round draft choices in return.

In six seasons, Abraham has recorded 53.5 sacks and 212 tackles. Last year, Abraham recorded 10.5 sacks and 58 tackles.

The Redskins have also spent time with another linebacker/defensive end in Andre Carter, who visited Redskins Park over the weekend.

Team officials have identified pass rush as a need on defense this offseason.

No reason to cut Gary's name out.


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Nooooooooooo. Anyone who has ever posted about character and the team concept should not want this guy on their team. He is going to want ridiculous money and we would have to give up high, very very high draft picks to get him. Fill this position in the draft.

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This guy would be a major addition to this team, but with the franchise tag on him I can't see how we can attain him.

The tag is more a formality than anything else. There isn't truly any mandatory compensation. It's left to the teams involved to negotiate.

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I'd rather see Ramsey and next yrs 1st for Abraham and a 4th or 5th either yr. And I'm not sure about giving up a 1st....the guy has said he ain't playin' for NY and who else but Deep-Pocket-Dan can afford to pay him?? Ramsey and a toss in pick is plenty. :2cents:

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What is everyones infatuation with draft picks????? Proven talent over a bunch of maybe's???? I'll take proven talent and matter of factly, Abraham is proven talent.

Draft picks are younger, cheaper, moldable. If you trust your people to truly evaluate talent then you value your draft picks.

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Abraham is a monster. If giving up Ramsey and a draft pick is what it takes, well then so be it. I agree with a previous post, proven talent works for me (as long as it's young talent). I could see giving up a #1 for a Willie Mcginest as being wasteful, but when you're getting a guy in early-mid 20's seems like a steal to me and as good as getting a draft pick that turns out like you hope, only you don't have to hope because you KNOW what they are capable of before they sign.

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