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  1. This is the funniest thread I have ever seen. :notworthy To all that used there creativity. :rotflmao:
  2. Did you just quote yourself. :doh: Get some sleep buddy. :laugh:
  3. No ****. Have fun while you are in school little buddy.
  4. The title is called "other things Peter King discovered". Just pu the sound clip there and bam. INstant laughs tommorrow morning for Peter KIng haters. I personally could give a **** less about Petro.
  5. Alright PG take that sound clip to the Stadium and post it in the new thred about Peter King. Just do it for the **** of it.
  6. If you like making fun of Peter King then tell me.Hell you can post it .How do you take a sound clip someone posted and put it in another thread?
  7. There is a thread in the the stadium it would be perfect for.
  8. How can I take that sound clip from earlier to somewhere else? I tried to select it and copy but when I pasted it wasn't there?I'm no computer wiz.
  9. IMSAS notasa a DRUJNjk ast yosdu thsaidnk I amsm
  10. I'll be back I'm going to raise hell somewhere else. Keep it up slackers.
  11. SHe got BIRDPOOP allo over her. Good work J BIRD.
  12. Damn fellas still at it? I can admit now I'm drunk.I was reading the crazy horse take on the world. Then put my two cents in about second hand smoke. Damn I have no life now.PA Sucks !!!
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