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So how do we rank all of our new wide receivers


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With the addition of Randle-El and Lloyd, it seems like the Redskins are now in a dilemna they would have loved to have last season- dealing with over-abundant depth at the WR position. We now have 4 starter quality Wide Receivers, but I don't see this team using too many 4 WR sets- so now the question is which ones do we start and who gets the 3 slot.

I think it's safe to assume Moss will stay as the #1 receiver- but from there on we have Patten, Randle-El, and Lloyd. Anyone have any idea who we use as our #2, #3, and #4?

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In Lloyd and Moss we have two receivers who are able to make some sick adjustements to the football while in-flight and come down with it. Sick!

Moss down the left sideline, Lloyd down the right sideline, Randel-El running a seam, Cooley in the flat... whoops... screen pass to Portis!

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