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TOM (Giants Fan) Catches Hell for posting here

Dead Money

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']LOL....no' date=' it wasn't me. Although, I have to admit I'm wondering why you would have that sig which clearly makes one scratch their head. Why would the Redskins give Randle El that contract for those numbers? :whoknows:[/quote']

Pretty easy to figure out why I had that sig Tom. I am not enamored with the signing of A R E as so many others here are. I feel that money could have been used in several other areas.

He is versatile but I feel like its going to be impossible to squeek 31 million reasons to keep him for more than a coupl of years and then have dead money up the ying yang again for someone who doesn't meet our short term needs.

Phew, Im a bitter sonofa**** today.

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I think its time for Tom to come over to the redskins side for good

It would be nice but it just wouldn't be Tom anymore. His perspective and his class as an NFC East "rival" are what makes it fun to have him onboard. Those who unknowingly blast him for being here should simply check his post count.

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