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Hotel Redskins Park.


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On Mr. Snyder's private airplane

Cheerleaders everywhere

Pepper Rogers pouring Coladas

Some 30,000 feet in the air

Up ahead in the distance

I saw a private landing strip light

The plane landed quickly and came to a sudden stop

I thought I was done for the night

There he stood on the runway

I heard Hail to the Redskins

And there standing next to him

The Coors Light girls and those twins.

Then he said, "Come with me please,"

And he walked down the runway

There was a full trophy case

He said, "Let's get some more of these"

Welcome to the Hotel Redskins Park

Such a lovely place

Such a trophy case (background)

Such a lovely case

Plenty of room at the Hotel Redskins Park.

Any time of year

You can sign right here (background)

You can find it here

You can sign right here

My mind was Lombardi drifting

He's put a Cross Pen in my hands

He shows me all his pretty, pretty toys

And his 85,000 fans

How they sing after touchdowns

Braves on the warpath

Some song to remember

Small contract against the cap.

So I called up my agent

Please bring me my wife

He said

We haven't had that visit yet right up I-95

And Mr. Snyder took my cell phone away

Let's set you up for the rest of your life

And then I heard the fans say

Welcome to the Hotel Redskins Park

Such a lovely place

Such a trophy case (background)

Such a lovely case

They're livin' it up at the Hotel Redskins Park

What a nice surprise

Let's go meet the guys (background)

Let's go meet the guys

Free agents in the lobby

Ten or 15 guys

And he said

We are all just family here

How much will this contract buy?

And in Mr. Snyder's office

They were sat before paperwork

They sign it with their gold Cross Pens

Because they can't say no to the jerk

Last thing I remember

I was looking for a little more

I had to get that contract up to the amount I had before

Relax said Mr. Snyder

We know you can't believe

You have to sign this contract

Because no one ever leaves.

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Originally posted by Art

Time, my friend, is of no consequence when the team is on a roll :). Of course, my wife went to bed and said, "Is it beginning already?" "It" is the dark time of year for her.

too funny art. i went home on friday all geeked up and pounced on my wife about the news. although she cheers for the skins cuz i do, she just rolled her eyes and said, "that's good, right?". i laughed and said i would have just taken fiorre and thomas and would have been happy.

now i can pounce on her again tonight and hopefully she'll be a bit more receptive...:laugh: :cool: :D

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Excellent job. I sung the whole thing with the tune in my head and it really did fit. Isn't it incredible how the more things change, the more they stay the same. I took my girlfriend to dinner on Sat. night and began the dinner conversation with "Well, I haven't talked about the Redskins in a while, but I think now would be an appropriate time". And this was of course before the Hall signing.

Also of note, anyone else notice that the sun hasn't really shined here in DC for the last few weeks until Sunday and now again today? God loves the Redskins too.

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