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Darren Howard - DE = Not as good a pass rusher, but stronger against the run than Abraham. Much cheaper.

Trevor Pryce - DE = If the price isn't too high.

David Givens - WR = Nice #2 receiver

Jeb Putzier - TE = Pass catch threat at TE, solid blocker

Offensive line depth. Also, would like to re-sign Demetric Evans and Ryan Clark. Adam Archuleta would be a nice luxury if there is money leftover.

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Here is mine:


J. Jurevicius: at 6ft 5 has the size and 10TDs last year help in the redzone as a big target


A. Archuleta or C. Chavous


R. Manning Jr. or E. Warfield


A. Kampman: only been in the NFL 4 years sack totals have gone up each year 6.5 last year.


T. Polly: Local kid from Dunbar, 72 Tckls and 4 sacks last year

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DE- Abraham

WR- Moulds

S- Archuletta

LB- Peterson

Put the checkbook away at that point :D

I would maybe look at a good CB instead of Archuletta and resign Clark. A TE would be my #2 pick in the draft (unless Abraham takes it) along with OL depth for the deeper rounds.

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Can someone please explain the Issac Bruce obsession to me?

Maybe like 5 years ago, but the dude is going to be 34 this year, his number declined last year, he's small, and likely going to cost more than we want to pay for an aging #2.

Yes same with Archuleta.....I want to know why yall want these declining vets...

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DE - Best value between Howard, Pryce or Abraham

TE - Royal but Putz seems to be good enough if Royal's not re-signed but would almost certainly replace Koz

S - Clark but Archeluta seems to be the best alternate

LB - If we need to look externally for a replacement, Peterson seems to be the best option

As far as WR, I'd rather go with a draft choice to build depth and for grooming. I don't think we need a WR whose good to go but if we can get someone like Givens without breaking the bank, I'm all for it.

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