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Loose Change 2nd Edition - More 9/11 conspiracy stuff....


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Why do people believe that many people must be in the know to pull off a "conspiracy"?

Why would you need hundreds of people to be involved. This argument makes about as much sense as this conspiracy. This type of attack could be pulled off with a handfull of involved persons. All that one would need is to plan and coordinate the attack with a few hijackers willing to die for a bogus cause. Let's suppose that a few wealthy men and a few higher ups in the C.I.A, Pentagon, whatever, with ties to the military-industrial complex or oil industry came up with this scheme to make billions off the eventual war in Iraq. Why would there be a need to disclose their plan to anybody but themselves. They could use their connections to plan this with a terrorist leader that has an abundant resource of brainwashed suicidal maniacs at his disposal. Do not forget that terrorism is a multi-billion dollar business.

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Hopefully everyone that has responded to this thread with such interest towards the supposed conspiracy realizes that they are now under 24 hour surveilance and can be sitting in a cell at Guantanamo at the drop of word.


But would be even nicer for our government is to set up a poll on it so that they can just start culling the herd right away....

What's that you say, the votes are supposed to be secret?

Yeah, as if Extremeskins isn't in the government's pocket too. :(


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