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POLL: National Anthem

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So, I just watched the National Anthem rendition played at the start of the AFC Championship Game....

Is it just me, or did it feel kind of.... odd?

I thought it was very well done, but I couldn't escape the feeling that the National Anthem seems more fitting when sung.....

As for the poll, do you prefer the anthem to be sung or played?

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i prefer it sung. and i prefer it sung by whitney houston like in the bills-giants superbowl. best rendition i've ever heard.

this may be a tailgate topic though

They were showing highlights of every Super Bowl on Espn Classic and in that one they actually showed the players CRYING after Whitney Houston was finished. Now that is :applause: :applause: .

However, the BEST is definitely Ronan Tynan who usually sings during the Yankee playoff games. His rendition along with God Bless America is from another world. And I mean that In a good way.

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As long as they dont butcher the anthem i dont care if its sung or played. I hear all these young female singers adding the extra chords all over the songit and i think of that as a complete lack of respect for the song and what it stands for. Just sing it the way it is supposed to or dont do it at all.

I tend to agree, I've performed the anthem about a billion times (instrumentally), but I like a good vocal rendition as well. I just can't stand singers who fill the tune with melismas and other garbage to hide the fact thay they're incapable of holding a note for very long without losing it.

After hearing Reuben Studdard butcher the anthem, I almost drove red-hot ice picks into my ears.

But that's just my opinion.

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Sung, but it has to be done right. All those who try to put some individual spin on it which diverts from the heritage and purpose of the anthem end up disrespecting it. The lady that did the anthem at the Seahawks game did a very good job of keeping it respectful and beautiful.

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