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  1. The WFT select... Camaron Cheeseman Get those jerseys ready!
  2. We're getting a 1-2 year stop gap QB and a QB in the draft. Get me any QB not named Jimmy Garoppolo as that stop gap and I can live with that.
  3. Why do I have a feeling we're going to have the same QBs next season with Smith taking a pay cut?
  4. Can't wait to get Stafford next year to play 2nd string behind Heinicke
  5. I kinda want us to lose at this rate. We can't beat half the Eagles with a 4th string QB convincingly.
  6. I'm so glad this is over. Although I wish Dwayne would have rode the bench for 2-3 years, everything worked perfectly for him to not succeed: Stupid Dan's draft meddling, Alex and Kyle's injuries with no better 3rd option and Dwayne's immaturity. I still think he can be a good QB, but wherever he goes, he needs to stay on that bench, shut up and work. Hopefully now, this is a complete clean slate for Ron. **** OUT THE WAY DAN!
  7. Notorious Z on Twitter: "One guy played 2 drives the other played a whole 3+ quarters. https://t.co/XvuGiD8uAo" / Twitter
  8. LOL I love Ron's reaction to "what should Dwayne do this week". Ron: "Ummmm.... Improve?"
  9. Heineken's incomplete passes look better than Haskins' completions.
  10. Why are the passes getting so close to the receivers chests?
  11. It's sad when you wish Haskins could run as good as Tom Brady.
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