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I just got finioshed reading Howard Bryants article in the post about the off-season injuries that will need to be addressed. Included is this

"Defensive tackle Joe Salave'a says he will attempt to avoid surgery for as long as he can. Salave'a played through left plantar fasciitis, and said he performed "self-surgery" that allowed him to play through the injury. He also appeared to have been playing with a fractured toe.

"These guys [Redskins' medical staff] are so cautious," Salave'a said. "They don't let you do anything. I understand it, but every person has different thresholds. Some people can take more pain than someone else. If I could play, there was no way I wasn't going to play, so I did a little surgery myself. I'm okay."


I don't know whether to regard Salavae as a complete beast or a crazy man. But the fact that he gave himself "self-surgery" to address a problem that would sideline most DE's says to me that the guy is remarkable.

I do hope he decides for real surgery if it is neccessary though. There is only so much you can do with a switch blade and a hot iron.

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I can't figure out what self-surgery he'd do on his plantar fascia.

I guess he could have cut it open and removed some inflamed tissue or cut some strands of the fascia.

Not anything I'd recommend. Surgery is a matter of LAST resort for plantar fasciitis and only works about half the time. You're better off getting a cortisone shot and hoping(if you want ULTIMATE relief) that it ruptures, hurts like hell for a week and then feels better.

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Explanation of plantar fasciitis

Take it from someone who had it once, that is a very painful injury because every time you take a step you are stressing the plantar fascia. I can't imagine being 300+ pounds and bashing heads with similarly sized behemoths all day with that foot condition.

I notice this article you reference has a section on treatment options that mentions absolutly nothing about self surgery.

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I had a friend with a plantar, said it felt like a piece of glass was lodged in his foot. He screwed around with an exacto knife to try and remove what must have been a bone spur. Big Joe probably was doing something along those lines...

Yeah. Okay. Ouch. :)

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