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Santana Moss & Steve Smith (MERGED)


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Steve Smith seems more impressive to me, I don't know why though. Their offense is very similar to ours but hes been more productive.

He has a QB with a huge arm man. You see how fast these passes are getting out there on the WR screens? Ramsey would be getting the ball out there just as fast if not faster.

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I haven't really spent alot of time on the board the past almost 2 days, ( just getting in from Seattle), but I'm going to hazard a guess and say that maybe Brunell not being the answer may have been discussed here just few times already.

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Santana Moss is every bit the receiver Steve Smith is.

But Carolina is using Smith.......something Brunell/Gibbs did not do this postseason. You got to get the ball in their hands and let them do their thing. Sonny Jurgensen was practically begging the Redskins yesterday to use Moss.

It's been painful to watch how Carolina has used Steve Smith and to compare that to the ineptness of our QB/passing attack to get a ball to Moss.

Carolina has thrown the ball up for Smith to go and make a play. We've all heard how great Moss is at long ball adjustment and yet we didn't throw it deep to Moss and give him a shot to make some plays.

Carolina has thrown the WR screen to Smith at least 5 times. Skins threw it once to Moss and then seemed to give up on it.

Carolina puts Smith back on PR. We have literally a non-entity as our punt returner and we still don't use Moss back there.

We wasted Santana Moss's considerable talents in both playoff games.

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