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Skins v. Cards predictions...


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I do not think the Redskins can shut the Cardinals out. Boston has been able to get his catches against Champ and Smoot in the past I do not think that is going to change. I see Boston having a 100 yard and 1 TD game.

That said I do not think the Cardinals will be able to score more then 17 on us.

Our special teams have not shown well so far and I expect the Skins to be beat in that phase of the game giving the Cardinals and advantage in field position, fortunately our Defense for the most part be able to negate that field position advantage and I see the D getting us at least 7 points. So the real question is can out offense get us more than 10 points?

If so than we win.


Cardinals 13

Redskins 24

I think Davis will get 26 carries and have 120 yards and 2 TD's! He will account for a total of over 150 yards.

Shane will be 18-31 for 248 yards 1 TD and 1 Int.

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Skins 35

Cruds 7

Smoot 2 INT, 1 TD

Lavar is an animal and lays some big time licks on Plummer causing him to pull a cowboy(crap in his pants) while they take him to the locker room to get cleaned up he knocks out the backup QBs by the end of the game Boston is playing QB.

Gardner catches 3 TDs and has 100+ yards.

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Skins 24

Cards 13

Boston v Champ is less of a mismatch than you make it out to be. Last season with approximately zero pass rush, Boston got his grabs but few for back breaking gainers, or at crucial downs.

All that said, let's all please not jinx this week one game by assuming the Cards won't show up. Maybe it's just the Norval era coloring my judgement, but they always seem to start fast against the Skins. A week one win would be huge for SS.

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I have no idea how our offense is going to do, but I think our defense will seriously shut down the Cards O. They've never been a strong running team, and our pass defense should be among the best in the league. If we keep turnovers to a minimum, we should win this going away.

Not my official Man Competition prediction, but I'll say 24-10 Skins.

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Skins 27, Cards 17

Additional predictions:

- Sacks of our QB and QB pressure will be less than feared, prompting Art and a horde of dittoheads to proclaim me an idiot

- Dittoheads won't reflect on fact that Cards were worst (#31) in league in 2001 for sacks by defense (19)

- If the Cards *do* sack our QB a lot, we're doomed

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