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Well theres been numerous posts of different reasons we will,but not a thread with all the reasons in it.Obvious ho we "can" beat them,our D shuts down alexander and leaves it in the hands of the qb,our defense steps up even more than they have been to create turnovers,offense has portis healthy through entire game and cooley and moss get into the mix,brunell makes smart decisions which he usually does,seattle has had a bye making them "rusty" (could be good or bad) etc

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agreed.Larry is right.i probably could create one if i was one to speculate like that but i'm not.i do believe we have a very solid chance of winning though because Joe Gibbs teams always get better the later in the year they go.also,the hawks are not coached by parcells who is the lone soldier regarding being successful against Joe Gibbs.i remember where holmgren comes from.i also remember our Redskins defense having no trouble with containing roger craig,joe montana,jerry rice and the west coast offense.holmgren runs the purest form of that same offense today and seattle has nowhere remotely close to that kind of talent trying to execute it.with that said i guess now i'll say it,that's why the Skins will beat the hawks on saturday.

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