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Cory Bergman laughs at Extremeskins


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In response to the comments made on the Paul Silvi post, Cory Bergman says this:

Slammed by the 'Extreme Skins'

I was wondering why there are a bunch of comments ripping Paul Silvi in his post about Joe Gibbs below. So we put on our geek hats and discovered Silvi's post had been linked by a Redskins fan site called ExtremeSkins.com. Aha! How weak is that?

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That whole site is LAUGHABLE!! :laugh: :laugh:

That dude Cory Bergman is such a homer. What a douche!! :doh:

Did you see the 12th man flag? :laugh:

What a pretty color... :laugh:

They are so wrapped up in that misleading record. When they lose Saturday, can you imagine the hysteria? They think they are so good, but their sked was so weak!

I can't wait!!!!!! :point2sky

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