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Tiki on Sean Taylor

Fifty Gut

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Man, I tell you, I am so glad we have Sean Taylor on our team.

On the flip side, if he wasn't on our team, I would hate him with a passion. The way he plays the game is either (a) intense, competitive, and super-aggressive if you're a Redskins fan; or (B) dirty, unprofessional, and despicable if you're not a Redskins fan.

That's our #21.

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And this is bad because? Is cursing verboten in the NFL? Oh please!

I didn't post this because I think it's bad :rolleyes:

I love knowing that the players are doing this, especially Taylor

footbal is a game of intimidation, it's a war out on the field

running on our defense should be taken personally

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Sean Taylor is a head case.

Sometimes that's a good thing ... sometimes it's not so good.

When he scores a TD: Good thing.

When he spits on other players: not so good.

Trash talking falls somewhere in between the two. Not my thing, but I'm sure he's not the first player in the NFL to try it. Just a hunch.

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