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Hey Coles...................


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lmao, wonder if he wants to come back now? hehe

Well, I did hear that Mark Brunell received a suspicious phone call in the middle of the night. The report said that Mark received a phone call, the person did not make their identity known, however the caller did say something about how he misses playing football with Mark, how he wishes he could receive another pass from him and how he knew that someday him and Mark would be together again. Mark hung up on the unidentified gentleman, but he says that as he was putting the phone down, he heard the man yell, "I hate you Chad!".

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the difference between Pierce and the others is that Pierce was the quarterback of the defense and a very smart football player that a system like the Skins' needs in there.

Smoot as a corner was replaceable and indeed over the course of his career I think Carlos Rogers will show himself to be a better corner than Smoot.

Coles was simply damaged goods. He is no longer the player he was in 2002 or 2003 and he just got too big for his britches here. He wanted to be the centerpiece of the passing offense but couldn't get separation.

Funny how both Coles and Gardner claimed the Redskins offense couldn't get them the kind of stats they wanted to see and yet Santana Moss in 2005 became a first-team pro bowler in this offense with over 1,450 yards receiving :laugh:

Coles averaged 10.1 yards per catch last year in DC and did little better in NY in 2005.

He is now a 5'11 and 190 pound possession receiver with the bad toe.

That ain't worth millions per season for :)

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