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Way to go Skins fans who went to Philly!!


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This is from the eagles message board.

Every season tocket holder, who sold there tickets

Better give them up.

I can't believe how many redskins fans were at the linc, but I guess I should have expected this too happen, when the eagles chased away alot of the blue collar fans when the linc opened.

I guess 1 possible good thing about this season is it may chase away alot of those corporate soft fans (the ones who talk on there cell phones during the game), that have infested the linc since it opened, and then some of the old 700 level fans can return.



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I'm looking forward to reading the stories from those folks who went up. Hopefully not to many horror stories and hopefully everyone made it home safely.


My thoughts as well.....

Way to represent Extremers!!!!


3 more wins until the Superbowl!! :logo:

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:laugh: :laugh:

That's great....those were the same complaints everyone had about FedEx until the team starting winning this season.

I haven't heard from any of the ES'ers that traveled to the game yet, but I did see some tailgate photo's in the Stadium forum...lot's of familiar faces!


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I was listening to the Eagles pre-game show on the radio and the announcer (don't know what his name was) made a statement: "to all you Eagles fans who sold your tickets to Redskins fans, I hope you rot in hell!" :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: it was great!! :notworthy :point2sky

Good job guys! :applause:

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