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iam sorry but nobody has said that


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These last few clutch games have been good practice senario's fro the playoffs for us, cos 1 more loss and we are out. It's really helped the team gain some maturity and the D is finally playing with some flair.

I hope Brunell can start. I like Ramsey but teams know he will make mistakes and beat himself. He's not feared.

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'Skins "playoffs" started 4 weeks ago. They're into the 5th week of a 9-week single elimination tournament.

So far.....so good!! BUT, they must keep winning to keep playing. It doesn't MATTER what anyone else does. Focus on beating whomever is in front of you - that's it!!!

Go 'Skins!!!!!!


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Dallas is not going to lose to the Rams at home. We have to beat Philly, period.

Not only that, our game is at 4:15 and the Cowboys play at 8:00. They'll know where they stand playoff-wise before they take the field.

God forbid we lose to the Eagles. We just have to get it done and get to 10 wins.



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