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  1. LL on twitter said that the Redskins will NOT be wearing throwbacks on Monday night. HTTR!
  2. Burgundy jersey, Gold pants on Thanksgiving. Put the team colors on display as we wax that Dallas team. This win will put us in the picture to take the Division, while demoralizing that team in Dallas. HTTR! BEAT DALLAS!
  3. Burgundy jersey and gold pants. I hope for more Throwback uni's but I've heard we can only wear them twice. They may save the next Throwback appearance for the Thanksgiving game. HTTR!
  4. I agree with you TK. It's almost like the collar becomes the shoulder pad neck line (if that makes any sense). Otherwise it looks normal. In the interviews of those still in shoulder pads, it looks like a mannequin body with a head in it. I'm assuming that's the flywire technology which really conforms to the pads. Good observation TK!
  5. I second MattFancy here. Each team chose the jersey design elements, including the collar. The burgundy jerseys have a solid collar all around and the white jersey collars are slightly different. If we kept the same uniform designs, as a handful of teams chose to, then some of you would have something to say about that. At the end of the day, it's a decision made by the team I love and I'll choose not to complain about it. I've been through worse (Haynesworth, McNabb). Hail!
  6. I can't wait to see whatever combination they put on the field. I always wondered if the players have any input on what combination they prefer... HTTR
  7. I'd like to see the design - Black traditional or black "Oregon style"? I was hoping for it but glad to see that it was at least proposed. The new alt 80th anniversary uni's are sweet. At the end of the day, if it's the Redskins, any uniform is good for me... Umm, not the Steelers bumblebee look though. HTTR
  8. I've been YouTubing all sorts of things, just ready to watch some Redskins football. In coming across the Steelers game last year, I realize that I'd really like to see the burgundy on burgundy uniforms again. What do you think?
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