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NFL vs. NBA Cheerleaders


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Has anyone ever noticed the difference between NFL cheerleaders and NBA cheerleaders. The NFL girls are way more attractive than the NBA girls. I was looking at some galleries on foxsports website and most of the NBA cheerleaders arent all that attractive (at least compared to the NFL). I know we have some of the hottest cheerleaders in the league. The Dolphins, Bucs and Broncos have some good ones too.

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That because football cheerleadering is like the majors, while NBA cheerleadering (sans the Laker girls) is like AAA. Plus the NBA girls have to be better dancers then the NFL ones. Don't know what that has to do to their attractiveness, I just know it.

Did anybody else hear Bradshaw on the the fox pregame saying that the team with the two best looking cheerleading squads are going at it, and he picked the Skins cause they were better looking.

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Well -- I had the opportunity to sit in the first row at a Miami Heat game, and got to see the Miami Heat dancers up close. Let me just say that you'd be a fortunate man to find yourself with one of these girls....:drool:







ok, so you got me there. these girls are hot! but the majority do not look like that!

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