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  1. Is there no payment plan this year? Little annoyed by that. I can understand not offer the incentive for make the full payment, but the payment plan was nice.
  2. It's a straight up money grab. The admission tax is only about 7 or 8 years old. It wasn't around when the stadium was first used.
  3. so was this suppose to be funny...or what?
  4. He went through a whole "random cat abuse is funny," such as cat juggling in The Jerk.
  5. 14 games? I think your looking at the 1977 schedule. But you're right. A different jersey and helmet every game. What if, one game, we wore the Redskin's jerseys but let the players were their college helmets? Like the pro bowl guys wear their team helmets? I think that would be bad ass.
  6. I have a hankering for some bleu cheese dressing. The question is, what do I put it on? Wings, a salad, A buffalo chicken burger?
  7. She's really excited about where her hand is too
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