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Redskins' D Snubbed for Pro Bowl? Hooray!!

Dan T.

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So the fans, the players, and the coaches tell the Redskins' defensive players this week that none of them deserve to go to the Pro Bowl?

Thank you all. Thank you very much. Your timing is impeccable.

I can hear Gregg Williams now. "Here's what the league thinks of you. Here's what the fans think of you. Remember what the Giants did to you last game? Let's prove to all these suckers what a mistake they made. Make the Giants pay."

He will have this defense so revved up , they will be unleased Saturday like charging rhinos,Tasmanian devils, and pit vipers. Add in a roaring Fed Ex crowd ready for playoff glory. That is such a volatile mix that I call for God to have pity on the souls of the players on the Giants' offense.

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Williams basically told the defense earlier this week

" hey if you want to be considered for the probowl then you have to make plays all year, you have to be an early playoff contender because the other teams who have 4 and 5 representatives have all clinched playoff berths and have been winning all year

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