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This huge friggin buffalo was in my driveway this morning it was a tough sell to the boss why I was late. Two have been shot and killed the third (2000 lb. male) is still on the loose, they have destroyed 1 car (mazda Miata) and wreck up another one pretty good.

Dec 20, 4:22 PM (ET)

CHESTERLAND, Ohio (AP) - Three buffaloes have been roaming around Chester Township in Geauga County since wandering away from their pasture last week, and they don't seem intent on returning.

This presents a problem for police, who consider the horned fugitives dangerous and aren't equipped to round them up.

Chester Township police Capt. Mark Purchase says it's a safety concern. Bison can weigh upwards of 2,400 pounds and stand 6 feet tall.

Jim Matheson, assistant director of the Colorado-based National Bison Association, said the animals will attack if angered.

"It's not the type of animal you want wandering the streets," Matheson said.

Purchase and Police Chief Joe Orosz said the department has talked to several bison experts in hope of developing a workable capture plan. But even something that sounds simple - like tranquilizing the animals - presents difficulties because of their size.

Police say they may be forced to kill the animals.

Chester Township is about 18 miles east of Cleveland.


Information from: The Plain Dealer, http://www.cleveland.com

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Kill the buffalo, cut off it's head, wipe it's blood all over your mouth..... and leave it on your boss's desk. Tell him you were so pissed that you CHEWED the animal's head off and left it on his desk as evidence to the animal hindering you from reaching work on time. :paranoid: Really... it worked for me.

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