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Spaceman Spiff

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I haven't watched wrestling in years, but like a lot of people I have vivid memories of the Hulk, Andre the Giant, Macho Man...and when I saw this, well...I'm strongly tempted.



WrestleMania. The mere mention of the word triggers an avalanche of powerful sports-entertainment memories – each occupying their own unique place in the annals of World Wrestling Entertainment. Now for the first time EVER, you can relive every single WrestleMania moment with the crispness of DVD footage by purchasing WrestleMania: The Legacy 1-21 Holographic Box Set! Never before have WrestleManias 1-14 been released on DVD, so grab them up with a special bonus disk included for past year’s WrestleMania 21, a historical photographs DVD and four Senitype collectible cards featuring a famous WrestleMania moment captured on a replica piece of film with Shawn Michaels, The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Undertaker and Triple H and also Hulk Hogan and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper! Embrace the spectacular WrestleMania legacy and bring this collection home today! 21 disc set. Approx 69 hrs. 1-14 have never been released on DVD before. This box set includes a Wrestlemania 21 bonus disc, historical DVD photo gallery and 4 collectible cards featuring a famous Wrestlemania moment captured on a replica piece of film. These items are only available in the box set.

Side note: To avoid any confusion, there is a 31-Disc version of this box set available Internationally (it has the same exact content as this 21-disc set just more discs due to International replication standards).

Click here to List all matches

Product: w00040

Price: $195.97

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A friend of mine from work just let me borrow the "Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior" DVD. It was the hardest I had laughed in a really long time. Watching his rambling interviews now I realize that I had no idea what a moron that guy was when I was a kid.

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I bet things like this make the WWE a fortune. They know how to market their product.

It pisses me off that the NFL can't release a box set called "Super Bowl Anthology" with the first 20 Super Bowls as they aired, plus vintage commercials.... why not? Why can't the NBA, NHL and MLB follow?! They can't release something like, "Playoffs 2005"?

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Oh... one more thing... because I love WWE-style smack talking....

Spaceman Spiff! That's right... I'm talking to you! Last night.. on RAW... when you came down at ringside and cost me a shot at becoming #1 contender for the WWE world heavyweight championship.... will be the THE LAST MONDAY YOU LEAVE RAW ALIVE!

All the years of dedication, pain, suffering and agony to reach the top of this Wrestling Federation, only to have you hit me from behind with the ring bell after I accidently knocked out Earl Hebner while finishing off the Rattlesnake with the 9-1-1... I will bring you all those years in one match. When you step in the ring with me, I will lawyers out there to make sure you can sign your will, I will have EMTs on hand... because you don't have a chance... Spaceman...next MONDAY NIGHT ON RAW, ON THE USA NETWORK AT 9 PM from TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA... just make sure you take a look at the sun before it goes down, because you won't be around to see it come around again!

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