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Pics from Skins vs. Eagles Game


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Okay guys ...

Sorry. I'm entirely way way way way way too lazy to size these and post each individual picture ... so I'm posting the link to my webshots page.

I think that I've successfully managed to take drunken pictures, include myself in the pictures, and make myself look like a complete fool.



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Awww!!! Thanks everyone!

I was absolutely out of control on Sunday .... Way way way way too much drinking. See, this is my first time parking over there with everyone and hanging out with you guys all day and look what happens!!!

Halter - My Monday morning meeting was mush. Everything that was said just went in one ear and out the other. I took absolutely nothing away from that meeting! And thanks! Brandy is my partner in crime!

Ron - Not only do I get your vote for MVP - I'm your hero now? :kiss:

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OUCH.... :doh: I was only kidding :notworthy

Well ... you might want to think twice before you make comments like that to people that you don't know. Your friends may not be offended when you say stuff like that ... but you don't know how others are going to take it.


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hey, that reminds me, who's brilliant idea was it to pass a bottle of hot damn around? That slipped my mind, kinda of like the chicken I ate. mmmm, mmmm delicious!!

Chapelle started it and you practically ripped it out of my hands and starting chugging it....ouch!


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