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Which would you rather have (split)


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A loss to the Giants at Meadowlands and a Win over the Eagles at FedEx?


A win over the Giants at Meadowlands and a Loss to the Eagles at FedEx?

Personally I do not think we will win both games. We definitely can, yes, but I see us splitting. The second one would please me so much more because I know about 20 eagles fans and only 2 giants fans, and the giants fans are solid guys so I'm not going to brag to them anyway even if we do beat them.


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I hate Philthy so much...and there is this annoying ass fan at the bar I go to every week...he is going to get so much trash talked to him when they lose! Oh man...I probably could have started a fight with him today, if I had been a little more agressive...that's how obnoxious he was!!

I want to destroy Philthy at home...there would be nothing better than for that to happen. Its the day before my birthday, so that would be the perfect present! :cheers:

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For anyone that didn't understand me -

I'm not saying we can't win both, and not that I don't want us to win both, and that a loss will still hurt the same either way. I'm just saying, if we HAD to split between the two, which one would you go with?

Damn I just try to spike up some conversation about which division rival you would rather beat if you could only pick one and because I don't see us going 14-2 everyone automatically questions my judgement as a fan and that I'm not a true fan. My oh my how the people around here have changed. :doh:

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Okay, OK I understand now that you were just trying to conversate. Keep your head up everything is alright. I see you are down with the skins for real.

I appreciate that. I never said I do not think the Skins can't win either game, and I never pick against the Skins. Ever. I always predict a win.

I honestly think we can win both, but because I'm just trying to see what people think, people jump to the conclusion that I don't believe that. If we play how we have been we should and will win both games.

I was just trying to see how many of us are truely scared of big blue, and I'm glad to see that many of you still understand we need to win at home, and that the :eaglesuck

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