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Cut Clemons and Jimoh now!!


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I can't believe those guys are still on the team. Williams is a stubborn ego-maniac for playing those guys. :doh: We should have had a shut out!

...just a little somethin' for the chicken littles and haters for old times sake :)

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I still don't like Ade. The game today really did nothing to prove to me that he's a good corner. Pretty good on ST, though, I'll give you that.

But he's a Skin... So...

Good game Jimoh!

Still a mystery, KDawg. I can't, for the life of me, figure this out, either. Jimoh is a MAJOR liability when he's in the game playing defense. He can hit (I'll give him that), but in coverage, he is ABSOLUTELY HORRID!

Hopefully, though, we can run up the score, circa 1991, and Jimoh won't be in position to cost us a game.

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I mean, i would have liked a shut-out because the big run plays have been killing us. But regardless of whose fault it was, Jimoh is a the worst player on the team. I really can't believe he is still here. His coverage on the ashlie lele touchdown in the broncos game.....i mean it was laughable.

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