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Do you think a Redskin has ever been banned from ExtremeSkins?

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It's no secret that coaches and players read ExtremeSkins from time to time. But what is not known is whether they actually make posts or not. I think due to human nature, it's more likely that there have been posts made by Redskins.

So this makes me wonder.. Do you think a Redskin has ever been banned?

Maybe Lavar was posting under an alias and trying to defend himself in his threads and got banned for being too "repetitive" or spamming or something.

Or maybe Ramsey got banned for starting another Ramsey vs Brunell thread after the Bears game.


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Love a moderator with a good sense of humor :laugh:. It's a good point, just blame LaVar for everything folks...the threads, gas prices, huricane Katrina, etc.

You mean it wasn't Lavar's fault the economy has sucked the last 5 years? Man i'm really going to have to rethink my stance on him... :D

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