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The team is 3-1 and I could care less


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It is not a secret that Lavar is my favorite skin and the way he is being treated by the team is disdusting. The monitors on this board can say all they want. The amount of kool aid they are drinking since the Redskins acquired Extremeskins is nauseating.

I guess I am supposed to believe that Lavar forgot to play football or the genius Greg Williams has such a radical defensive scheme that a 3 time pro bowl player just can't pick it up. Yeah Right.

I guess it has nothing to do with the fact that his contract was settled with a performance based clause and now all of a sudden he can't see the field. What a coincidence.

I love Gibbs but I do not trust him blindly as many obviously do. I only need to look at the list of true redskins playing elsewhere.

I should be excited about the 3-1 start but instead I can't believe the team would embarass the face of the franchise. This type of directive comes from 1 little man and shows me nothing has really changed.

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So you think the 'Skins should put the good of Arrington ahead of the good of the team?

Do you know, FOR CERTAIN, that LaVar can play in this system?

Do you know, FOR CERTAIN, that LaVar has re-earned his spot in practice?

You know that owners and coaches make the decisions concerning the team, not the players, right?

NOW, with that said, I think you have some valid points and I would LOVE to see some LaVar Arrington cracking skulls. That guy is a monster; a monster with a motor.

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As the moderating HAVE been saying, over and over ... can we PLEASE try to make our positions on LaVar clear in one of the multiple ongoing threads already discussing the same subject?

The Search function is there for a purpose, friends.

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