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How bout dem RedSox.....................


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Yep, the Sox got swept, oh well. What they did last year to the Yankees will last me for so freakin long, the have like a 5 year grace period. No ****ing about the sox from me until 2010 at least.

The biggest choke in the history of sports. . . I'm still on cloud 9 and it's been a year :laugh: Man, even though they lost, life is still very good for Sox fans, for life could be a LOT worse, I could be a Yankees fan :laugh:

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The Dallas MNF choke was pretty big.

Yea it was an awsome win, the best since the last SB win, but it was in the regular season. It had all the drama and history, but it lacked the historical impact the Sox-Yanks did last year.

If it was to have the same impace picture this. . . The skins haven't won for 85 years, and their rival, the Cowboys, have won 26 times. Then, the Skins-Dallas game. But, instead of a 14-13 win, it is like the Oilers-Bills game when the Oilers were up 35-3 at the half, then lost. Oh yea, and it is in an NFCC game to see who goes to the SB. Then I think it would be on par with the Sox Yanks series.

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I thought the 2004 Red Sox were a great story. I pulled for them when they battled back from a 3-0 Deficit and beat the Yankees in the ALCS and ended the curse of the Bambino. I have to admit I was starting to get sick of them, they were starting to remind me of the Braves in 1992 when the started to get a lot of bandwagoners coming off of the 1991 World Series appearance. I went to a Red Sox / Mariners and saw a lot of girls in there late teens and early 20s sporting Red Sox Gear, please don’t tell me you were a long suffering Red Sox Fan.

I am glad the curse was finally ended but I had to pull for the Chi Sox in this ALDS Series.


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