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Man rapes 18 month year old toddler


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Originally posted by Cdowwe

Think hes being smart and saying it should be 18 month old....but no one wants to see a smart ass in a thread like this.

Yeah, but unless someone edited it out of their post, nobody said that! It was like some random, turrets outburst! Crazy...

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That actually used to be a method of impaling people -- used throughout Mesopotamia. And I'm told THAT is the true meaning of the term "gallows" in the Biblical book of Esther.

It could be the latest Mastercard commercial.

Large, tall, pointed stick. One deviant's darrier.

Extended, excruciating execution? Priceless!

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stick a curling iron up his ass then plug it in and turn it on high....once that is started take a str8 razor and slice off his nipples and pour paint thinner into him next let a rottwiler have his way with his mouth then drag him outside and cut off each one of his toes with a butterknife....then start the torture

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