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Best Pro Bowl lineup?

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Just got done reading the article on Dexter Manley by TK and Tarhog. Props given guys, that was a great read!:cheers:

The bit about the 1986 Pro Bowl got me thinking who else was on that NFC team. So I looked at pro football reference.com and found it. What a lineup...

Tommy Kramer - min

Jay Schroeder - was

Ok, not the best start for Qb's. Actually the AFC had Elway, Esiason and Marino. Nice lineup.


Eric Dickerson - ram

Rueben Mayes - nor

Joe Morris - nyg

Walter Payton - chi

Gerald Riggs - atl

Vai Sikahema - stl

Ron Wolfley - stl

Dickerson and Payton together. Awesome. I'm assuming they used Sikahema for a return man.


Gary Clark - was

Art Monk - was

Mike Quick - phi

Jerry Rice - sfo

2/3rds of the Posse and the best WR of all time.


Mark Bavaro - nyg

Steve Jordan - min

Bavaro was great, not really sure about the other guy though.


Brad Benson - nyg

Jim Covert - chi

Bill Fralic - atl

Russ Grimm - was

Dennis Harrah - ram

Jay Hilgenberg - chi

Joe Jacoby - was

Jackie Slater - ram

Doug Smith - ram

Grimm and Jacoby :) Slater was awesome too.


Jim Burt - nyg

Dexter Manley - was

Leonard Marshall - nyg

Steve McMichael - chi

Reggie White - phi

Holy crap, Dexter Manley and a young Reggie White together! Leonard Marshall, too...


Harry Carson - nyg

Carl Ekern - ram

Rickey Jackson - nor

Wilber Marshall - chi

Mike Singletary - chi

Lawrence Taylor - nyg

That's just sick, LT and singletary, Marshall and Carson...can you imagine a 3-4 with Dexter, White and Marshall and LT, Singletary, Carson and W. Marshall?


Joey Browner - min

Dave Duerson - chi

Jerry Gray - ram

LeRoy Irvin - ram

Ronnie Lott - sfo

Darrell Green - was

Ronnie Lott and Browner could crack some skulls, Darrel Green, one of the best shutdown corners of all time.

Can anyone else find a better Pro Bowl squad than this? Offense isn't the best because I think Payton was on the downside of his career here, the Qb's aren't that special. But that defense is incredible...

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I would like to see that defense play the 2003 AFC Probowl offense.

QB-Peyton and McNair

RB-Clinton, Priest (pre injury) and Jamal Lewis with Tony Richardson blocking

WR-Marvin Harrison Chad Johnson and Hines Ward

TE-Tony Gonzalez and Todd Heap (who would be sick if he had a real QB throwing to him, like, um, Peyton Manning)

Oline-Ogden, Willie Roaf, Alen Faneca, Will Shields and Kevin Mavae.

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