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Collegefootballnews: The best and worst all-time picks at each slot in the 1st round


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There were some unbelievably recent picks on there.

Interesting that Ramsey was the guy for #32. I'm almost positive he was the first person ever taken with the #32 pick being a first rounder.

Nice to see the Skins get 3 of those choices.

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Warren Sapp should not be on that list. He was dominating, but look at his companions, McFarland, Rice, and Derrick Brooks right behind them.

I dont think Ramsey should be on that list, but I guess there are soo little picks to choose from.

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Originally posted by PleaseBlitz

No Shuler or Westbrook? Desmond Howard? C'mon, Westbrook is a circus performer now.

Ladanian takes over at #5 over Seau in about 3 years(3 months ago, i might have said Sean Taylor......HAHAHAHAHAHA)


None of the above were bad enough to rate the worst of all time. It just seems like they were because they played for the 'Skins.

Sean Taylor was the best player available in the last two drafts combined. Believe that.

Additionally, if Mr. Fiutak was really on the ball, he would surely have the 'Skins 1994 selection Andre Johnson, taken #30 in the first round, as one of the top busts for his draft position. The reason his name always evades the draft bust conversation is simply because he NEVER played a down for the 'Skins. He never even dressed for a regular season game. Beyond that we traded up to get him. We could have had Mike Alstott with that pick.


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