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Lost preview clip for season 2


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That is some cool stuff. What was stated on the quick "preview" will really raise some questions. Also, there something on the main frontpage; it's kinda neat to poke around and discover different little things.

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nice find TK!

would abc allow something like that on their message boards if it were legit, though? hmmm...

can you link the conversation that brought about that photo?


this post was referring to post 5

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"They are not the survivors they thought they were"

Translation: they are all dead.

:)... the purgatory theory looks a little better... I think that and the nanotechnology theory are the two best ones floating around.

The marketers / creators of this show are doing an outstanding job using all media resources available to them to hype the show and ad to the mystery... i.e. driveshaft website / oceanic air website / etc.

I'm hooked.

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Interestingly, the image of the pink piece of paper is from the front page of the Oceanic website. If you click in the area under "Important Announcement," you will see the paper that you can drag around. I think that paper is a draft of an ending or part of the show that was never used. If you look at it, the title is "Exodus, Part II" which has already happened. The most interesting part, though, is the scratched out part that reads, "Huge. Mechanical and biological. Godlike and profane. A giant, multi-tentacled robotic beast..." Of course, that could mean absolutely zero and could be a red herring.

I believe Purgatory was discounted a long time ago by either one of the writers or one of the actors. Perhaps they will find survivors on the other side of the island. They aren't the survivors they believe they are because they believe they are the sole survivors. At least that is what I am thinking, but who knows with this show.

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Pretty cool,

1. Found the Pink Sheet

2. Found the video, hard BTW and if you wait, you can see some of the seats light up with certain little pictures etc.

3. Also found somthing else on the main page.....

if you highlight the message talking about Oceanic's shutdown...

there is a message from a Robert West saying that he's a survivor on an island btw. Austrialia and Japan.

Who is Robert West?

A member of next years cast??

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That is freky-


If you are reading this note PLEASE get word to my wife, Christina Smith that her husband,

Jake survived the crash of Oceanic Flight #815 along with 47 others.

Darling, I miss you so much and dream of the day I can see your face again.

The very thought of that day is all that keeps me going here. Please don�t forget me!

Jake Smith


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