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  1. I mean, shouldn't this be the goal every year? Have we just been reaching on players that have round values far lower than where we pick?
  2. I obviously have no idea how this is all going to pan out but I am excited to watch Fields play this Saturday. I'm not going to let Haskins cloud my judgement based on the fact that they attended the same program and at this point i believe we are a strong contender to get him. https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football/film-study/2020/02/112237/film-study-digging-into-justin-fields-development-throughout-the-2019-season I like his mobility but like the good mobile QB's I like that he goes through his reads before deciding to run. I think you can see the progres
  3. Every single year the national media hypes the cowboys. The lofty expectations make it that much more difficult for them and hilarious for me.
  4. The NFC east is such a joke and every team’s fans have given up all hope. Sad state of affairs, really.
  5. Crab Man got Lasik. He's going to be darting lasers at his teamates and not just any jersey on the field when he gets another shot. Then it will be 12 TDs. IN ONE GAME.
  6. I don't hate them anymore and I don't hate Tompa Bay. I don't have the schadenfreude I used to get when the Patriots would lose and I actually found myself enjoying the Brady to Gronk TD on Sunday. 2020 is wild.
  7. Bottom line is Haskins was Snyder’s pick and no one wants anything to do with him after two years and three HCs. I can’t say for certain his time in DC is up but I’d venture a guess that it is. Hopefully sooner rather than later so this thread can get closed for a new OSU QB
  8. I think my problem with the d line isn’t with one player. I think all the players have had good individual performances including Allen and Payne. My problem is with spending 5 1st round picks and then not taking over ball games and terrorizing QBs. I understand part of the function is to allow LBers and safeties to come up and tackle the rb. So my question is are they unable to do this effectively or are the lbers and safeties so terrible they make the d line look bad in the run stop?
  9. I don’t think it’s that tough really. It’s not like Philly, New York or Boston. It’s just that the team has been so bad for so long and Snyder has been at war with the local media for almost the entirety that they don’t give an inch.
  10. After the first game I was convinced the D-Line and JDR we’re going to dominate almost every game. I have to pick that unit as a whole.
  11. I just think Ron should speak less at these pressers. The more you say the more can be used against you. Never talk to the cops and get a lawyer. “Im just here so I don’t get fined“ is my favorite of all time.
  12. Yeah I dunno. WFT could actually beat this team. They don’t look confident without Dak on the offensive side and the defense is atrocious.
  13. I'm actually happy it probably won't be us. It's one thing to be in the worst division in football, it's another to be the winner of that division and always be in the record books. Everyone just expects us to be last in the division anyways.
  14. I actually like Greise and Riddick. Steve Leavy as the play by play is awful. He's trying too hard or something, I cant It figure it out.
  15. Kyler Murray is why you don’t just stick with failed prospects and give up on drafting a franchise QB.
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