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  1. Tyrod Taylor would make Alex Smith look like a prime Brett Favre.  Matt Ryan, assuming the Falcons move on from him in the offseason, would be the ideal veteran get, IMO.  Then Stafford.  Hell, I wouldn't mind a Jacoby Brissett type placeholder (I guess Dalton would fall in this mix).  

  2. 2 minutes ago, BatteredFanSyndrome said:

    But yeah, I guess that's where I find the irony here.  Seeing folks that were hellbent on Kirk not winning games as to why he's not worth the money, yet somehow Stafford is worth the money when he hasn't won any big games either.  The two guys have quite a bit in common.


    The same goes for people who really want to sign Dak and bring him in.  Prescott has exactly 1 playoff win and has thrown for over 4000 yards once and over 25 touchdowns once.    

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  3. I'm seeing many fans all over the internet who are adamant that the Vikings got a stat padding garbage time quarterback who won't take you anywhere in the playoffs suddenly drooling at the prospect of potentially landing Matthew Stafford last year.  It's amazing.  His nickname is "Stat Paddford" for a reason.  The dude has never won a playoff game.  

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  4. Thank God.  My biggest fear was they were going to keep him around for the duration of his rookie contract "just to see".  This should have happened last week.  


    It should also make every fan question how much glowing praise he got pre-draft about how "coachable" he was, and how great of a leader he was.  They did the same thing with Guice.  The next time you see smoke about a player pre-draft (Guice lied about being asked about his sexual orientation during his pre-draft interviews but people overlooked that because he liked lolipops or something) maybe we can all presume that there was fire?  His father's bizarre reaction to a local reporter simply trying to report on him was a red flag, his pre-draft party was a massive red flag, the "league done messed up" was a red flag, the reaction to Daniel Jones being drafted before him was a red flag, him skipping out on a pre-draft dinner/meeting with Michael Lombardi was a massive red flag.  This guy had bust written all over him when Louis Riddick (and many others) tried to act like Jay Gruden committed an attempted murder for simply having Haskins as the #2 and having to play him when Keenum got hurt last year.  Good riddance.  

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  5. 1 minute ago, skins4eva said:


    He absolutely did, but my point is the same.  The focus on stuff other than football when you should be learning how to be a professional is not helpful.  Haskins has had a number of chances, and he keeps screwing up.  There's not enough refined talent there to hold on to him in my view.  He's a bust and we need to move on.


    I agree.  I was just pointing out that Robert earned himself more rope than Haskins ever did.  

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  6. Just now, skins4eva said:

    That's the best thing he's done since he got to the team.  The social media, RGIII like infatuation with building a "brand" before focusing on your craft is completely misplaced short-termism, and he's about to find out what the consequences are the hard way.


    At least RG3 had an amazing rookie of the year season.  

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  7. Just now, XxSpearheadxX said:

    No. Its 2020 we are all "feeling down" quarantines suck, pandemics suck, wearing masks sucks, 70% of small businesses going insolvent sucks. 


    He can do whatever he wants but if he wants those NFL game checks he has to do what the rules say (not to mention that Rivera has a compromised immune system). He can quit cashing the checks and go do whatever he wants. 


    This is an enormous piece of **** move by him. 


    Relax.  I was joking.  Someone actually called in to 980 to use that as an excuse for him.  

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  8. Just now, ggarriso said:

    1067 coming in hot with the details, was apparently a hotel room party that he joined at a restaurant and migrated to some "club" 


    I have no doubt in my mind that if this was not a pandemic, 106.7 and other "fans" would use this as an attack against Haskins because it shows his immaturity and lack of leadership, etc.  


    That being said, there is a pandemic going on, and this will be his second violation in less than two months...so there are no excuses.  

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  9. 2 minutes ago, BatteredFanSyndrome said:

    So does anyone care at all that he fessed up to in on twitter and to Rivera yesterday?


    Personally, no kudos for that from me.  Besides it appearing crafted by his agent, the fact of the matter is he did what he did.  Don't care if he's sorry for it.


    Would it change your mind if he was "feeling down" on Sunday?  

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