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  1. I've been banging the drum of play Haskins immediately all year, so no argument from me on this front. I just found it interesting that there was more than the whole "Gruden hates Haskins" narrative and that maybe Gruden didn't want to lose the locker room by starting a guy who was nowhere close to being ready.
  2. Ben Standig was on Sheehan's podcast and he alluded to several players being mildly annoyed with the notion to "just play" Haskins for the sake of it, because in their minds there are 52 other guys on the roster who are prepping to play too. I thought that was an interesting answer when Sheehan brought up why not just let Haskins play the rest of the season.
  3. If this were the Bengals or the Dolphins you could chalk up talk like that to everything falling apart because of a terrible, winless team. But because it's the Redskins, and because people love to pile on the organization (rightfully most times) when things go south, they usually turn out true more often than not.
  4. These same defenses were made for RG3 when multiple sources were saying how entitled he was because of the owner. Turns out, the sources were right. Where there is smoke, there is always fire with this franchise.
  5. DJHJR86

    Reality check time.

    This is why I can't abandon hope and the team and start following and cheering for another. Snyder has employed 2 buffoons as his GM/Personnel guys during his entire run as owner. There is a slight chance that he lucks into hiring one that isn't an idiot failure.
  6. Goff had 3 years of college experience before being drafted in the NFL. He was more pro-ready than Haskins was.
  7. I honestly think if Haskins was drafted to a team like the Chargers, he absolutely would have a decent NFL career. The odds for him being a bust rise dramatically because of the team that drafted him. And that is not his fault.
  8. In Keenum's defense, he's been the best QB on this roster and I'd be pissed off too if I got benched for a rookie who is nowhere near ready and for a guy who is now 7-21 as a starter in the NFL.
  9. Clearly Josh Norman is only out to sabotage Haskins career because he didn't want him on the team.
  10. This is like 2011 all over again, but in this scenario we potentially have Christian Ponder as the 3rd QB.
  11. I am on board with this and have wanted to Haskins start at the beginning of the year. However, if he doesn't play any significant time this year, that tells me that he is nowhere close to being a 1st round talent, and that Snyder (yet again) wasted a 1st round pick on a massive project QB without any real direction for his development.
  12. It was so funny seeing how many members of the media, both local and national, who were legitimately shocked when Callahan said Haskins might be the 3rd stringer and may be inactive for some games. Like they really bought into this nonsense that Gruden was going out of his way to shun this kid because he wanted Daniel Jones...who was taken by the Giants 9 picks before the Redskins. Callahan being non-committal on when Haskins would start should scare the hell out of every fan.
  13. A few pages back you hinted at hearing something about Haskins that you didn't want to share until the press conferences. Do you mind sharing it now?
  14. DJHJR86

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I had no idea that a reporter who contributed to that Scot McCloughan story in the post was previously employed in Tampa Bay. Is there any doubt as to who the anonymous "team official" was?