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  1. How much of that was wanting to get a look at Grier to see what they had in him, like the Bengals did with Ryan Finley last season?
  2. Yes because one quarterback "wink wink come get me Gettleman" was upset that the Giants didn't draft him, and then when a divisional rival did, both fanbases salivated at the opportunity to be the one who "won" the draft lottery. And I am saying that ironically, both teams probably lost because of A. Haskins more likely than not being off of the team by next season and B. Jones having very similar numbers to Kyle Allen.
  3. I just find it interesting that the undrafted guy has outperformed 2 first round picks that several people in this fanbase argue over who is better than the other, Jones v. Haskins.
  4. Do you know who's numbers are similar to Kyle Allen over their first 16 starts? 26 TDs | 17 INTS | 2 Rushing Touchdowns | 12 Fumbles | 61.6% Completion Percentage | 3,889 Yards | 81.6 Passer Rating That's Daniel Jones over his first 16 starts.
  5. It's interesting to see how Dallas is imploding with player leaks anonymously calling out their coaches, yet there was none of that here when Rivera benched Haskins. That's pretty telling.
  6. The coaching staff who signed him...traded for him in the offseason.
  7. If over the course of his first 16 games started, Dwayne Haskins (or any other rookie) put these numbers up: 23 TDs | 16 INTS | 5 Rushing Touchdowns | 8 Fumbles | 62.8 Completion Percentage | 3,803 Yards | | 87.6 Passer Rating There would be no question that we would not be drafting a quarterback next year and he would be the unquestioned starter. These are Kyle Allen's stats over his first 16 starts.
  8. They still need a quarterback if Dalton does not clear concussion protocol.
  9. We need a new kicker. There is no point in continuing with Hopkins.
  10. Can't we just pretend that we drafted Terry #15 overall in 2019?
  11. Looking pretty smart by Rivera and Co. to trade for Allen in the offseason.
  12. Why isn't the new team President, the one tasked with changing the culture, getting any blame for these leaks? Why does it all fall at Rivera's feet? The answer to that is obvious: Rivera is the one who benched Haskins. So he has to be the bad guy in these people's eyes.
  13. Seems like some members of Simba's Pride are still in the denial stage of grief. I thought they had moved on to anger.
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