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  1. When they traded for Alex Smith, I was angry for a day, and then reached (what I thought) peak apathy as a fan. Going into this year is even more apathy. I just don't care about anything.
  2. DJHJR86

    ProFootballTalk : Zach Brown On This Organization

    So why is Zach Brown upset at a reporter (guessing Tarik?) for something written in a story, that was a direct quote from him?
  3. DJHJR86

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    So because charges were dismissed against Foster (no one knows why yet) we're supposed to be breaking out the champagne and cake for Bruce and company? Don't think so.
  4. DJHJR86

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges "TMZ Sports has obtained a court document filed on Jan. 2 which shows the State Attorney's Office in Florida has dismissed the misdemeanor charge against Foster stemming from a Nov. 24 incident with his ex-girlfriend." "TMZ Sports spoke with Foster's attorney Eddie Suarez who tells us he believes the case was dropped due to issues with the witness' credibility. Suarez says he believes the fact Foster's accuser has changed her story about a previous domestic violence incident multiple times was a factor in the decision to drop the case." So...again...this doesn't vindicate him one way or the other.
  5. DJHJR86

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    This news doesn't vindicate him one way or the other. There is a difference between dismissed and cleared.
  6. DJHJR86

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    No. I want him gone with Allen. Need an entire house cleaning.
  7. DJHJR86

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    As of today their social media posts are still getting flooded with #FIREBRUCEALLEN posts. Probably won't help anything, but it's entertaining to me.
  8. DJHJR86

    Enough is enough. A fond farewell.

    I can't stop rooting for the Skins because the next closest team to me (actually closer geographically) is the Ravens (whom I despise along with their fan base). And I just couldn't stop watching football altogether. But going into this season was the most apathetic I have ever felt. The only glimmer of hope was Guice but that was gone in the preseason. Peterson turned out to be a nice surprise, but the Alex Smith trade and the leaks about how Bruce Allen orchestrated it without input from Gruden or Williams, coupled with the continued incompetence of this FO (including not firing Allen) has me feeling the lowest of lows. Even more so than in 2011 with Grossman/Beck. At least that season had some serious contenders for quarterbacks in the upcoming draft. Oh, and when we got a franchise one, we let him go for nothing.
  9. Scott Jackson was on Galdi's show this morning sort of selling the narrative of "Lafemina was hired to sell tickets and they didn't sell tickets this year" as a reason he got fired. Everywhere else is pretty much saying Lafemina was going to quit (because he wanted Allen gone) and when Snyder got wind of this, he fired him. That's why the other executives resigned. And why we'll continue to be a laughingstock of the league.
  10. DJHJR86

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Bruce Allen isn't the problem. Of course he needs to be fired, but there's only one person in that building who refuses to do so. He's the problem.
  11. Johnson deserves a shot for a spot next year. Still kind of pissed that we signed him off of the street and he has played as well as the other 2 QBs we've had on the roster all year, eating tons of salary cap.
  12. DJHJR86

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I keep checking this thread to see if he's been fired yet and continue to be disappointed. Even more so when people continue to defend the FO.
  13. I understand your point, but I think it has more to do with Adrian Peterson and the rushing offense than Alex Smith. Alex Smith was a bystander for most of the year. Tress Way is tied for 5th in most punts this year. I don't think that's a coincidence, but the eating of the clock thing I think is overblown too. The Skins averaged 2:46 seconds per drive this year, and their opponents averaged 2:42. It's also ranked 26th in first downs, 28th in both points and yards, and only 24% of our drives on offense resulted in a touchdown. Back to Peterson, in the wins this season, he's averaged 97 yards per game. In the losses, 35 yards. The lone game of the year where he broke 80 yards and we lost was the fluke-ish 90 yarder against the Eagles. Peterson has essentially carried our offense in the majority of our wins.
  14. And we might be without Vernon Davis and Josh Doctson. Reed is already out.
  15. DJHJR86

    Starting QB 2019???

    It's going to be 2011 redux. Going into training camp with McCoy/Johnson to battle it out for the starting gig. My only hope is that they draft a QB and actually keep him on the roster for the year, 3rd string or not.