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  1. Don't compare him to Peyton Manning. Ever. Compare him to other mid-late round quarterback picks in the last few years that have started a decent amount of games. He has the most interceptions, the lowest passing yards per attempt, and a passer rating nearly identical to Mills and Zappe. He's a backup quarterback.
  2. I would have to imagine that Williams goes #1 overall; whether its to Chicago or someone who trades up to get him I don't know, but he's going #1 overall. Penix Jr. is a hard no for me. Too many injuries. Jayden Daniels is a big question mark, but I do think he would be a higher risk/higher reward pick than Maye. Maye is the "safe" pick. I would be okay with Maye at #2. He's a bigger, faster Howell with a stronger arm.
  3. Schefter's story on ESPN says Mayhew will remain with the team for now.
  4. Ron is admitting to whiffing on a quarterback three years in a row. But he's not wrong. I'm throwing a party on the 8th.
  5. Howell is starting. Howell is fried mentally. Dallas has something to play for. No chance Washington wins this game.
  6. Nothing Ron Rivera has done with his quarterbacks has made any sense. In 2020, he gave the job to Haskins despite Kyle Allen probably deserving the job. In 2021 they signed 38 year old Fitztragic to be their presumptive starter. In 2022 they traded for Wince, Rivera proclaimed him their QB of the future because of "analytics", but then didn't extend him beyond that one season. Then in 2023 he said that the 5th round guy he drafted to be the "developmental" backup to Wince was actually the franchise guy all along and he didn't realize it until week 18 of last year. Less than 7 days left of this failure. Silver lining.
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