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  1. Honestly, I would not be mad if they simply kept the name as "Washington Football Team". It's simple and will not garner any controversy whatsoever.
  2. From birth really. No Baltimore team when I was born, and the Skins were always considered the "home team" in Maryland back then.
  3. The sponsors who threatened him over the name change are also going to have to threaten him over this. IMO, that's the only way he sells the team.
  4. You don't "make it right" by firing 2 employees and letting one quietly retire when you know a damaging story about the garbage organization is going to drop exposing these do it when they are accused after a thorough investigation. A formal complaint and internal investigation was done on Santos in 2019. It's very telling that last week was the time they chose to fire him. "Making it right" by compensating an employee leaving the company but also making them sign an NDA...means Snyder knew. No one is actively rooting to have more victims. No one takes pleasure in reading what these women went through. But if you think that the only men in that organization were doing this were the only ones named in the WaPo story, there's a bridge in Brooklyn that I can sell you. And the NFL did take over the investigation into the Carolina Panthers...which didn't have anything to do with rules violations.
  5. It's will be insane to me if the NFL doesn't step in and take over the investigation. They have to.
  6. There is more to this story. There is a reason why the story seemingly took forever to publish.
  7. If the fanbase up north weren't so off-putting and obnoxious, I would seriously consider switching at this point. Maybe just root for nothing but failure as long as Snyder owns the team.
  8. This has got to be the final straw for Snyder's ownership. Sheehan has a lawyer on right now talking about the women who signed NDA's were more likely than not given something (money) that incentivized them to sign them. Her point was that if they were paid to sign the NDA, it would be nearly impossible for Snyder to not have known what was going on. She also said that illegal conduct is not protected by NDA. Edit: The lawyer was not talking about the standard NDA's that are given to people when they are working for a company, but one that is signed when they leave.
  9. I thought this was fairly public knowledge? It broke back in 2013, but the "official" story broke in 2014 and didn't name him. Also HTTR24_7 guy was another one. RG3 was sending weiner pictures to him (allegedly, but...there were leaks of RG3 taking shirtless pictures and sending them to other females on his wedding it's believable). Now we know why he hated Kirk with a passion.
  10. The continued employment of Allen was odd. The "he must have something on Snyder" jokes were prophetic.
  11. JLC, as well as Daniels were catfished. Ever wonder how these random fans would break stories on Twitter (or here)? They were the catfishers.
  12. The catfishing story disappeared REAL quick back in 2014. There is more information out there if you do some digging.
  13. I don't know about the racism allegations, but it's been an open secret that the organization has been run like a "boys club". The cheerleader scandal, McCloughan's wife calling out Russini on Twitter, the catfishing that happened in 2013-14, are all tied into this.