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  1. Thank you Heinicke for not only that gutsy performance against one of the better defenses (as well as a good defensive coordinator who I thought would make Heinicke look totally lost) but also for silencing the inevitable "we would have won with Alex!" talk that I thought was going to permeate social media.
  2. Kyle Allen and Heinicke is better than any other fantasy free agent signing that's been bandied about on social media. Heinicke's play in the wild card game alone shows you that we don't have to be flashy to have a quarterback who looks good.
  3. No thanks. I thought we didn't like quarterbacks with losing records who put up big numbers in "garbage time"? He's being paid like he's Mahomes and he isn't. 8-18 against teams with winning records.
  4. He's turned the ball over 8 times in 7 games. He is not avoiding mistakes.
  5. There is no way Cam is coming to Washington. They would have brought him in cheap this year if they truly thought he still had something left. You can rule out Watson too. He has a no trade clause in his contract.
  6. A mobile Heinicke can't be worse than a one legged Alex Smith. If he was truly that terrible, this team would not have cut Haskins when they did.
  7. Sadly, many fans who don't watch the games and rely on the national media, actually believe this. I really really want the Eagles to get rid of Wentz and keep Hurts.
  8. I have never seen so much outrage over a quarterback who looked terrible for 3 quarters with a completion percentage of 35% being benched. He had 2 completions in the 2nd half. Rivera, nor Pederson, have anything to apologize for.
  9. I have learned this year to not question Ron on pretty much anything, so the unconventionality of this is intriguing to me. And if Heinicke were to come in and crap the bed, he could always go back to Alex.
  10. ^ Good. I mean his QBR in the 5 games that the team has won with him as the starter is 27.4. Dwayne's last 5 games was a QBR of 31.8.
  11. I don't think it's going to happen.
  12. I wonder what Chase was referring to here...
  13. I don't know if we are going to win or lose, but I can guarantee you that this will not happen.
  14. I really hope the Eagles do try to part ways with Wentz and keep Hurts as their starter going forward. That dude got exposed bad last night.
  15. Honest question: If Kyle Allen never got hurt, do you think this team is the same, better, or worse right now? Identical opponents, etc.
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