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  1. 1 minute ago, ClaytoAli said:

    I’m not implying anything. I said that this is a reality. How broad it is, is undeterminable. 

    id err on issues with his pigment not being that broad and that some people didn’t want him here due to the red flags coming out of college.


    The only "red flags" that I can remember was his lack of experience in college.  That's it.  No character issues (other than one article about how bizarre his father reacted to a reporter), no immaturity issues.  The "league done messed up" and his draft night party were the first signs of red flags.  But there was nothing pre-draft that was overly concerning that I can remember.  

  2. Just now, UK SKINS FAN 74 said:

    At this rate, better start looking forward to seeing Logan Thomas at QB this Sunday.:ols:



    In all seriousness, I don't expect them to release Dwayne until the offseason.  I would be absolutely shocked if he was active for Sunday's game however.  And that includes Alex or no Alex.  


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  3. 1 minute ago, TrancesWithWolves said:

    The rumor is that Alex showed wearing a mask just to tell Dwayne that having a stripper party during a pandemic was a bad idea but the bouncer wouldn’t let him in the door so he left.


    I'm hearing that Alex stood in the doorway and tried to throw Dwayne a mask, but he checked it down to the bouncer instead.  

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  4. 9 minutes ago, Thinking Skins said:

    Somebody just called into Galdi's show (Reese Waters) with insight into the situation talking about it (caller named Chris). Interesting. I'm not excusing it by any means, but appareantly he was really down after the game and his girlfriend wanted to cheer him up. 


    Thank God!  I was ready to have the team cut him, but now that I know that he was feeling down, it's not that big of a deal that this will be the second time this season that he's done something incredibly stupid in the middle of a pandemic which has cost people their lives and livelihoods.  

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  5. 32 minutes ago, Skinsinparadise said:

    Just catching up with Keim's latest podcast, in it he said when they benched Haskins they were cool with having Steven Montez start over Haskins in the mix of the hierarchy but a hesitation was Montez's lack of having any NFL experience. 


    I honestly don't know why they didn't bench him after halftime.  Granted, he did rebound to have two nice drives in the 4th quarter.  But it's clear that the best route for both parties is to move on from him.  He can go to an organization that legitimately thinks he could be an NFL starter at some point and learn and grow.  

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  6. I know that Alex Smith brings leadership and a veteran presence that the players on both offense and defense seem to respond to, and it was painfully obvious that that was missing when Haskins was the starter...but if we take that out of the equation entirely, and we all agree that the players are playing for Rivera, is there going to be that much of a drop off from Smith to Haskins?  Here are the per game averages for each of their starts:


    234.8 yards / 60.96% Completion / 1 TD / .8 INT / 6.05 AY/A / 80.3 Passer Rating



    211.6 yards / 66.08 % Completion / .6 TD / .6 INT / 6.19 AY/A / 81.5 Passer Rating


    I am legitimately baffled at the people who think the sky is falling because Dwayne has to start.  Smith is better...but it isn't by much.  

  7. Keeping Kyle Allen is a no brainer.  I have no issue if they take a QB in a later round if they love the guy, and I also have no issue with them signing a FA to compete with Allen.  The options are (ranked from best to worst, IMO):











    Dak Prescott is not worth the money he thinks he is.  If you thought Kirk Cousins wasn't good enough to pay what the Vikings paid back in 2018, then you should be adamant against singing Prescott.  This also takes into account the gruesome injury from this season.  Rivers is too old and also injured, IMO.  I'd be okay with a Trubisky or Brissett type to come in and compete.  

  8. The worst part about Haskins is that if he had to start, all he would have to do is put up pedestrian Alex Smith numbers and not turn the ball over and let the defense be the table setters....but he can't even do that.  His accuracy on the short and screen passes is terrible, and he does take more unnecessary sacks.  The plus side to Haskins vs. Smith is that Haskins, when he wants to be, is more mobile.  If he would stop jumping in the air when throwing passes and plant his feet, his accuracy on the short throws might improve.  

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  9. 12 hours ago, Darth Tater said:

    Pittsburgh has scored more than 20 in all but 3 games, once was us.

    San Fran has missed the 20 point thing 4 times, once was us.

    The Cowboys have only scored less than 30 7 times, two of those were from us.



    We have not beaten a team that has scored 20 over more points against us.  Hey I think I discovered that "super secret magic formula" that Alex Smith has, because we never beat a team that scored 20+ points against us in 2018 with him as the starter either.  

  10. I'm okay with keeping Kyle Allen and drafting a quarterback in a later round.  Hell, I'd be okay with keeping Haskins on the roster going into training camp to see if there's anything salvageable.  And I don't mean keeping him with the hopes of him turning into a franchise guy and to start.  That ship has sailed.  But as a 3rd stringer potential backup?  Why not?

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