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  1. Thank you Heinicke for not only that gutsy performance against one of the better defenses (as well as a good defensive coordinator who I thought would make Heinicke look totally lost) but also for silencing the inevitable "we would have won with Alex!" talk that I thought was going to permeate social media.  

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  2. Kyle Allen and Heinicke is better than any other fantasy free agent signing that's been bandied about on social media.  Heinicke's play in the wild card game alone shows you that we don't have to be flashy to have a quarterback who looks good.  

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  3. 58 minutes ago, Bonez3 said:

    Get Watson Please, by all means necessary


    No thanks.  I thought we didn't like quarterbacks with losing records who put up big numbers in "garbage time"?  He's being paid like he's Mahomes and he isn't.  8-18 against teams with winning records.  

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  4. 1 hour ago, method man said:

    The reason you play Smith is because, when he is healthy, he avoids mistakes. In this injured state, he can’t drive the ball and is a pick machine


    He's turned the ball over 8 times in 7 games.  He is not avoiding mistakes.  

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  5. 24 minutes ago, Llevron said:


    You dont worry about rhythm and continuity when rotating? 


    One thing I do like about Ron is that he is not just happy with getting this far. He is willing to do unconventional things to win if it will help him. I like that. i think it would be really easy to be happy with what he has done already this season and just go with Alex and take what you get. Thats what I have been saying this entire time but hes not satisfied with that. 


    I have learned this year to not question Ron on pretty much anything, so the unconventionality of this is intriguing to me.  And if Heinicke were to come in and crap the bed, he could always go back to Alex.  

  6. 4 minutes ago, Koolblue13 said:

    Let his last game being a shootout with Brady in the playoffs when everyone expected us to be a top 5 draft team.


    I don't know if we are going to win or lose, but I can guarantee you that this will not happen.  

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  7. 24 minutes ago, KDawg said:

    But you can measure Smith against the guys we’ve had since 2018.


    Honest question:


    If Kyle Allen never got hurt, do you think this team is the same, better, or worse right now?  Identical opponents, etc.  

  8. 37 minutes ago, KDawg said:

    11-5 as a starter. Team is 6-26 without him.


    I’m not saying his performances have been great - they haven’t. But it’s hard to deny what he’s done. And I wish more people saw that. 


    You can't point to a W-L record and pin that on the starting quarterback.  During that winning streak the team faced the likes of Ryan Finley, Andy Dalton, and Nick Mullens.  Also got lucky enough to have Doug Pederson bench Hurts to play Nate Sudfeld last night.  And some of those losses that are attributed to the other starters were games where he played the majority in...and looked terrible.  Realistically, this team is 4-3 with him in games where he's played the majority of this season.


  9. 7 hours ago, NoCalMike said:

    Was it 2005 when Todd Collins stepped in for an old brittle over the hill Brunell and everyone was excited because it seemed like Todd Collins played a bit faster and more urgency, and it was exciting for a little bit, then reality set in as to why he was not a starting caliber QB in the NFL.


    That was in 2007 when Collins came in for relief of Jason Campbell and played light years better than Campbell ever did.  That was when reality set in as to why Campbell was never going to work out for this team.  Gibbs intended on having a QB competition going into 2008 but then retired and in came Zorn and any chance of Collins ever starting again.  

  10. 22 minutes ago, mistertim said:


    Yes and a Geo Metro is far superior to a moped with flat tires. That doesn't mean you're likely to win races with it consistently.


    Sticking with Allen is basically saying "We're just accepting that our offense is likely going to be mediocre and we're hoping our defense will be good enough to propel us to wins if our QB doesn't make too many mistakes".


    That's a formula for possibly sneaking into the playoffs once or twice but not for being a consistent contender. 


    It's the Alex Smith special.  

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  11. 12 hours ago, mistertim said:

    But that's really not saying much and Allen is still a completely mediocre QB. He was mediocre in Carolina and he was mediocre in his time playing here. Could he potentially come out and suddenly become the next Brady? I suppose. How likely is it though? I think he's a quality backup kind of guy. 


    Assuming that a UDFA backup is our future isn't exactly an A+ strategy.


    Allen has only started 16 games.  He doesn't need to become the next Brady.  He could become the next Kirk.  With a solid running game and shut down defense, that may be all we need.  And this isn't even assuming that Allen is "our future".  It's just saying that the safe bet is to have him on the roster going into next season.  


    Allen's QBR for his four starts was 73.5.  Dwayne's was 30.7.  Alex Smith's is 35.7.  Allen was far from medicore during his starts in comparison to what we've had.  

  12. 14 hours ago, Warhead36 said:

    And for the kind of year 2020 has been, why not end it with a practice squad QB contributing to a division winning victory?


    I would love to see Heinicke start and win Sunday's game to then ignite the "who should start the playoff game" QB controversy.  

  13. The odds of Heinicke being some diamond in the rough are slim to none, or else he would have been on a roster already.  That being said, it just goes to show you how terrible the quarterback play has been this year when he was the top rated guy via PFF all season and because there are actual murmurs about starting him over Smith (or pulling Smith early if things get hairy) for him against the Eagles.  

  14. I think people are forgetting that the offense looked its best with Kyle Allen this season, and that he was specifically brought here via trade.  There's no way he isn't on the roster as the presumptive starter (assuming Smith gets cut or retires) going into next year.  That doesn't mean they don't draft a guy, but Rivera strikes me as more of a less splash more familiarity type of coach/GM.  

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