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  1. Veryoldschool

    0-5 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    Yeah, you're right but wasn't it wonderful the Skins won the bidding war for his services. One of Dan Allen's great winning off the field moments. Invariably it ends like this for theSkins....
  2. Veryoldschool

    0-5 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    If the Bears throttle the Skins is it time to start a trading frenzy on the the useful veterans starting with Trent. Norman should be another good one to put on the stack. I don't know what either would fetch but if it is time for a rebuild it's time to unload them and a few others.
  3. Veryoldschool

    So about this Chicago Game?

    I can't imagine a victory. The Bears defense will eat the Skins alive and the Skins defense is probably the slump buster Trubisky needs to get off the schneide. Washington has become the League's confidence builder.
  4. Trent who? I don't care about him anymore, trade him for a draft pick, whatever he'll command and be done with it.
  5. Veryoldschool

    Guice Injury and Med staff

    I think this is a major contributing factor to the flops and problems. Guice had an injury history in college and so did Robert Griffin, others as well. It's like they look for the discounted players in the college injury bin looking for overlooked bargains when drafting.
  6. Veryoldschool

    Can The Redskins Ever Draft Skill Players?

    Thank you for remembering Stephen Davis, I overlooked him and he had a substantial career. Westbrook was decent and I loved Cooley, my favorite Redskin during the last 20 years after Cousins. I overlooked the TE position, thanks for pointing that out.
  7. Veryoldschool

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Early Season Battle

    My heart says Skins and I told my head to STFU so I voted Redskins, they will find a way and let us experience a little joy.
  8. Now Guice is out for a second year, I don't want to say bust quite yet but it just doesn't look good. Of course, I hope the young man heals and enjoys good health whether he comes back and has a substantial career with the Redskins or not, but as a follower of the Skins, this seems so familiar, painfully familiar, I expect disappointment. It seems like the Skins pick one flop after another at running back. I can't remember the last homegrown winner, other than a few good years from Alfred Morris but I remember his shortlived success as a byproduct of RGIII's rushing attack. At QB Cousins was a pleasant surprise pick, but sadly the Skins FO fouled up a chance to secure a homegrown franchise QB or get trade value for him but other the Cousins what other QB did they pick in the last 30 years who worked out Gus Frerotte? The rest of the many QBs were busts of one variety or another. I guess in fairness Jason Campbell was more of a disappointment than an outright bust, but it is painful to think about how many QB flops they have picked. How about the receivers? I like the first look we got of Terry McLaurin, he looks very promising, hopefully, he'll become a winner but it seems like almost all the offensive skill picks during the last couple of decades have been flops. I guess Crowder is a decent player but before him, I can't remember the last receiver the Skins drafted who did anything. I must be overlooking some winners but as far a QBs, RBs, and Receivers I can only remember a long chain of busts or disappointments. Help me out guys, I must be overlooking somebody but who?
  9. Veryoldschool

    0-5 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    I'm remembering the good parts of the Eagles game and feeling like the Skins will pull out a victory this Sunday. Don't wager on this but I feel we are going to get some good news this weekend!
  10. Veryoldschool

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    I don't read the Washington Compost. I developed my critical attitude of Snyder's management without the aid of the Compost.
  11. Veryoldschool

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    He was who I was thinking about Snyder charged in and won a bidding war for his services and I've never been that impressed with Norman. He doesn't stink but every time I see him getting beat because he is watching the QB instead of his man I think why did the Skins make him the highest-paid cornerback? They spend like drunken sailors for Norman and are willing to give Cousins a decent contract after the 2015 season and low ball him again after 2016 and lose their chance to secure him. I see letting Jackson and Cousins go as part of a pattern of neglecting who has proven themselves playing for the Redskins and being over-enthused about talent on other teams.
  12. Veryoldschool

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    I like Gruden and think he is a decent coach and the most effective during the Snyder era after Joe Gibbs, a great coach. So while I understand the frustration people feel with the team and with Gruden, I am okay with Gruden and want to see him continue beyond this season. I blame the owner and the FO for grossly mismanaging this franchise for 20 years. The Eagles game was a reminder of the stupid choices this team makes, the Skins got beat by DeSean Jackson who Snyder/Allen let slip away along with Garcon in favor of Doctson and Pryor. In 2015 and 2016 the Redskins had one of the most prolific passing attacks in the League and they let their best receivers leave rather than resign them in 2016. They also let the best quarterback the team had in the last 30 years walk too. What other FO in the NFL would be so stupid? Snyder is willing to reach and overpay for another teams players but is unappreciative of his own best players. I view this as an ownership problem, not a coaching problem. Gruden may well have far greater success with a better franchise someday because I think if a coach is able to buck the trend and achieve mediocrity with the Redskins he is capable of doing better with a competent FO with another franchise.
  13. Veryoldschool

    0-5 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    I'm not feeling it but I wish I was and I'm glad you're feeling it.
  14. Tired of being mediocre? Today mediocre looks good to me I'm hoping we aren't hellbent towards putrid.
  15. Veryoldschool

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    The answer to the question is no, decidedly no it is not the best DL is franchise history because they got punked yesterday.