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  1. If the discipline improves and penalties decline the first season that is the first sign of good things to come. A good new coach may not produce wins in the beginning but they reduce mistakes right out of the gate. I don't know what we will get but a smarter, more disciplined team with fewer penalties is what I would like to see.
  2. Veryoldschool

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    He's got talent but unfortunately hasn't been able to stay healthy. Maybe one of the contenders could use him as a difference maker down the stretch, but it is right for the Skins to move on without Reid. I wish him the best.
  3. Veryoldschool

    Cuts to get 100 million in Cap Space???

    Alex Smith - stuck with his contract? Josh Norman - already cut Trent Williams - trade for whatever they can get and draft a replacement Ryan Kerrigan - extend and get lower hit this year Jordan Reed - cut Morgan Moses - cut Paul Richardson - already cut Quinton Dunbar - extend
  4. Veryoldschool

    Norman released

    Norman is another one of Dan Snyder's stupid reaches. I scornfully recall their delight in winning a bidding war for Norman. Snyder and company gleefully made Norman the highest paid corner in the League, a Snyder masterstroke. Not Fat Albert or RGIII stupid but stupid all the same. I'll always remember Norman looking back at the quarterback while the receiver runs free for a big completion. Maybe Norman was athletic enough to get away with this breech of fundamentals earlier in his career but not with the Skins. How many times did he let this happen? Enough that this failing technique should be called a Norman. Now Norman is cut. This is what passes for progress with the Skins. Am I cynical and bitter? Yes, pathetically so.
  5. I hope that is true and Rivera is really going to have the power as Marty did 20 years ago, we'll see.
  6. Veryoldschool

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    I did say the best case. In any case, he is chasing his first SB now and I hope he gets it. I don't have 30 years left either, hopefully, Haskins blossoms and gives the Skins a chance.
  7. Veryoldschool

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    Rubbish, Kirk responded by excelling and not only justifying the decision to play Cousins but by carrying the team and helping Gruden stay employed. So you're taking Bruce and Dan's side in this, wonderful, how insightful. I see it differently. After Kirk FINALLY got the opportunity to start for a season in 2015, an opportunity that should have been given in 2013 since Griffin was physically unfit to run his high school zone-read offense and mentally unable to run a WCO offense out of the pocket, Cousins dramatically won a division title with 9 wins, a 5 win improvement over their 4 win 2014 year. That should have settled it, it would have for any competent franchise, not the Skins. They should have known Cousins thoroughly after having him in the squad for 4 years. In fact, even half knowledgable fans should have known Cousins since the only question about Cousins from the beginning of his career in DC was whether he was able to play at a high level for a season, not just for a few quarters or a few games. Kirk answered that question affirmatively in 2015 and the moronic Skins failed to give him a serious multi-year contract and foolishly put the tag on him. I can't imagine ownership anywhere that stupid. All Snyder had to do to lockup the best QB the team had had in decades if not generations was to give him the middle of the road deal he requested, they refused and tagged him instead. It's tough to imagine a dumber move. Those of you who don't regret the Skins failing to secure Cousins for his long and productive career must be happy winning off the field like Snyder and Allen. It's 2020 and at the very worse it's apparent Cousins is going to finish a long, productive career without a SB win like many other quarterbacks who were top 10-50% during their era. That is the worse case, best case he wins a couple of SB and ends up with a bust in Canton, Ohio. No, of course, you Cousins critics can't imagine that happening, just like you couldn't imagine all the other things he has already accomplished, you just don't get him.
  8. I've waited a bit to digest this hire because I expected something different that said, Cam Newton is the only thing I've really noticed about Carolina. Carolina rose as Newton did and declined as Newton declined but for the most part I wasn't paying attention so I don't know if Rivera is a good coach or not. One thing I am concerned about is the order of acquisition with the franchise QB coming first, the HC second and the GM to follow. I would've preferred Snyder to assemble a committee of NFL wise men to help Snyder hire a talented and fully empowered GM and then have GM hire the head coach. It seems to me that since he already drafted the franchise QB and now selected the new HC that the new GM will be something of a Snyder figuredhead regardless of what Snyder tells him. Twenty years of Snyder makes me doubt every thing they do and this out of sequence hiring seems like another mistake. For all I know Rivera is a good coach but Snyder hired him and even more damning he was willing to work for Snyder and a GM TBD, not a hopeful sign. Tell it to me plain, am I being overly critical and pessimistic because I'm feeling more WTF than happy. To me you're more likely to get happy to have a job guys when things are done out of sequence.
  9. Califan, i don’t like the Vikings chances because I think Zimmer is cautious to the point of being a success governor who reduces their chances against good teams. Zimmer tried unsuccessfully to sit on his lead against New Orleans and it nearly cost him the game. Kirk’s OT heroics saved him but only because New Orleans failed to exploit opportunities regulation , I doubt Zimmer will be as lucky in SF. I fear Zimmer will waste too many possessions trying to run and eat clock and stick Cousins in too many 3rd and obvious passing situations behind an OL that is effective zone run blockers but weak pass protectors in 3rd and obvious situations. That said, you better get some bigger pins for your voodoo doll and a young chicken to sacrifice because you and the other Kirk deniers are going to be laughingstocks again if Cousins comes up aces in SF. I think SF has a better defense and Kyle is superior to Zimmer so I think Shanny moves on and if that is the case I hope Shanny wins it all because it will be mortifying to Snyder and Allen.
  10. Califan, finding new ways to deny the obvious since
  11. I loved seeing Kirk succeed today but I don’t like Minnesota’s chances against the 49ers because I think Kyle Shanahan is better than Zimmer who is too conservative. Zimmer almost lost the game today because he is so cautious, he tried to sit on a lead and he was fortunate Brees didn’t score down the stretch. Zimmer was bailed out by the coin flip and a couple of bold throws by Cousins and a great catch by Thielen. I hope he plays more aggressively in SF.
  12. Veryoldschool

    Best Coaching hire in the Snyder era?

    I share your concern. I hope Rivera contributed more to the success of Carolina during Newton's heyday but when I heard he was going to be the new Redskin coach this was my first thought. Synder has hired a number of good coaches during his tenure as an owner. Gibbs, Shanahan, and Schottenheimer all had either great or very substantial careers before working for Snyder. I think Gruden is capable of having good coaching career with a better-managed franchise than the Redskins. Snyder has some weak NFL coaches also but the real problems are in my view Snyder himself and weak GMs he has employed. I don't expect a real improvement with Rivera.